Suki: Follow the Arrow

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)
Suki is an avid hiker and remembers the journeys she has had in each of the different hiking boots in her closet. She has hiked twice to Phantom Ranch, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

One of the most peaceful and healthful activities is hiking in nature. It reminds you that the world is constantly changing and to look for angles to appreciate right now, in this moment in time.

pic2 (2)

pic4 (2)

pic6 (2)

Soon, when the trees are filled with clusters of green leaves, you won’t be able to see the sun through the branches. There may be a nip in the air now, but that means no flying, stinging, biting bugs to annoy and distract.

pic8 (2)
Suki layers a long tunic sweater over her leggings for warmth. A cute hat is more than a fashion statement in winter; a hat will help retain the body’s heat that is normally lost through the top of the head. You’ll notice a big difference in how warm you feel.

Winter’s light softly illuminates without the harsh glare of summer.

pic3 (2)
Touches of pastel color in the predominantly dark outfit hint at the spring to come next.

pic5 (2)

pic7 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic9 (2)

Actively seek relaxation.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

Suki’s leggings are LuLaRoe, sooo you probably know what that means. You’ll need to run down a local dealer doing house parties near you. (There are some very funny stories out there on the Internet about women becoming obsessed with finding the LuLaRoe “unicorns,” the hard-to-find patterns.) We’ve found some online options to hopefully make things a little easier.

leggings1leggings2 (2)leggings3 (2)

Lush Moda Extra Soft Leggings, Multi Aztec 3, Amazon, $11.

Lush Moda Extra Soft Leggings, 136yf Aztec Multi, Amazon, $14.

Mid Rise Geometric Print Leggings, DressLily, $12.

Suki’s asymmetric sweater is Stylus from JC Penney. A flattering, long gray tunic that covers the backside with just the right drape — you know those are long gone online. Here’s some very pretty options, though.

modlilychicos (2)express (2)

Asymmetric Hem Long Sleeve Grey Hoodie, ModLily, $33.

Cozy Button-Back Tunic, Chico’s, $59.

Side Lace-Up Tunic Sweater, Charcoal Gray, Express, $40.

boot2 (2)macy'sbootDSC_1040 (2)

Daily Shoes Military Combat Boot with Credit Card Pocket, Flirty Beige, Amazon, $30.

Timberland Waterville Waterproof Boots, Medium Gray, Macy’s, $150.

Timberland Teddy Fleece Fold-Down, Light Pink Nubuck, Zappo’s, $133.


Suki’s darling pink and gray hat is by Columbia, no luck finding the specific one, but here’s a link to a lot of cute winter hats by Columbia — the specific line using pinks and lavenders in geometric arrangements is called Urbanization Mix.



Beanie Hat, Interval Stripe, Patagonia, $39.

Gravity Threads CC Beanie, Overstock, $7.50.

Forest Beanie in Gray and Pink, Live Heroes, $28.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart


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