Tammy: Glamping 101 — Roughing It In Sequins

By Tammy Seibert

pic3 (2)

What is glamping? It is going camping, but with glamour — a combination of the two words. It’s like regular camping, but with nicer things than one might expect… You are actually combining the magic of camping with the glamour of twinkling lights, a fire pit, and in our case a Red Caboose and Double-Wide Trailer with two hot tubs on the wooden porches. All guests got a bottle of bubbly too. That’s a nice way to start off your camping adventure!

pic2 (2)
Camping in sequins and fur — of course!
pic4 (2)
Suki and Tammy on the back of a little Red Caboose, outfitted as a quirky cabin lodging.

So what is the style code for such an adventure? When dressing for glamping, your attire needs to be durable, yet sophisticated.

pic5 (2)

Flannel Buffalo Check Shirt – It’s January in Oklahoma and the evenings get chilly. I borrowed a Wrangler Fleece Shirt from my hubby to keep me warm and tied it at the waist. Nothing like scoring in your husband’s closet. Remember that layers are always your best option. Flannels are great for layering and can be tied around the waist or worn as a light jacket by the glampfire.

Sequined T-shirt underneath – we did say glamping and what is that without a little sparkle…don’t let anyone take away your sparkle and shine.

pic6 (2)

Dark-washed, Distressed Jeans – for a rugged edge and added camping comfort to wear by the fire or hiking through the woods.

Fur-Lined, All-Weather Boots – In case nature gets a little nasty (and mucky), you’ll need a pair of wellie-type boots to combat the elements. Plus if they are fur-lined, it adds warmth to your toes.

pic7 (2)

Gray Felt Fedora – to hide your hair because when glamping, it’s just easier to put on a hat. GLAMPING HAIR — DON’T CARE!

The Real-Real Behind the Scene


I made this picture collage of my Sig Kap sisters and our glamping adventure on Saturday evening before we went out to dinner in Gainesville, Texas, at a steak restaurant. Girl…we weren’t cooking anything but S’mores around the glampfire.


Our sweet sis Lori did bring Buffalo Chicken Dip for snacking on…she shared the recipe with us and now I would also like to share it with our readers just in case you find yourself on a glamping adventure of your own. All credit goes to Lori Kersten for finding this recipe…she swears that her family loves it whenever she serves it. We all thought it was delicious with Frito chips.

*****On a side note when Marcie was taking these pictures, I made the sweetest new puppy-friend that wanted to be in my pictures. I told Marcie to leave that adorable blonde Cocker Spaniel in the shots. She warmed my heart and I would have taken her home with me but I don’t think her owners would have been too happy.

pic1 (2)


The moon shining brightly in the evening sky…


A Little Background Music

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Check Flannel Corset Shirt, Express, $41, limited sizing.

Men’s Levi’s Flannel Shirt, Ketchup, JC Penney, $45.

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Boxy Multicolored Sequin Tee, Forever 21, $25, limited sizing.

Vince Camuto Sequin Front Top, Chrome, Nordstrom, $71.

Sequin Top, Gap, $64.

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Mid Rise Distressed Stretch Skinny Jeans, Express, $80.

Real Deal Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans, Lulu’s, $39, limited sizing.

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Kamik Pinot, Zappo’s, $91.

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Gangsta Felt Fedora, Gray, Posh Society, $29.

Lauren Conrad Filigree Disc Drop Earrings, Kohl’s, $14.


*Photos of Tammy by Marcie Everhart



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