Suki: Thunderstruck

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic3 (2)

A striped faux fur vest in a black-and-gray color palette is fun yet subtle. Paired with a metallic silver striped sweater, it becomes a look that is all about texture and twinkle.

pic4 (2)

On a gloomy winter day, Suki shines.

pic5 (2)

pic6 (2)

A vertical black strip down the center provides an eye-catching frame for a Kendra Scott white pendant necklace with silver accents.

pic7 (2)

Horizontal stripes tend to widen an area visually… until they don’t. In this case, the entire arm becomes a slimming vertical stripe itself visually, that mimics the gray vertical stripes in the vest.

pic8 (2)

A tall black harness riding boot with silver buckles completes the outfit.

pic11 (2)

Black nylon side panels further define Suki’s shape.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Suki’s dog-baby, Thunder, was born way before Oklahoma City had an exciting professional basketball team with the same name! The weekend Suki’s family came to own this baby, they were camping with friends who brought out their new puppies to show. Suki’s son immediately bonded with this one. Then bad weather moved in to the area, and everyone had to take shelter in a state park bathroom! Her son named his brave new puppy Thunder.

pic10 (2)

pic1 (2)

Thunder wants to be in the picture too with his mommy in his matching black-and-white “fun fur” coat.

A Little Background Music

We love our Thunder here! And when the OKC basketball team takes the court, AC DC’s “Thunderstruck” blasts, and the whole crowd is on its feet stomping and singing. But, check out this AC DC concert! That crowd is like a living thing.

Shopping Links

Suki’s vest is made by Montana Co and not easy to still find. Here’s a few other similar Montana Co options.

geyser (2)teton (2)troy (2)

Geyser (faux ostrich), Montana Co, $74.50.

Teton (faux fur with nylon sides and toggles), Montana Co, $149.

Troy (faux ostrich), Montana Co, $74.50.

tahari (2)macysoliviaandgrace (2)michaelkors (2)

T Tahari Faur Fur Vest with Chain Drawstring, Nordstrom Rack, $70.

Olivia & Grace Faux Fur Vest, Snow Leopard, Macy’s, $40.

Michael Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest, Macy’s, $84.

top1 (2)top2 (2)top3 (2)

Gibson Twist Front Pullover, Nordstrom, $49.

Hinge Sparkle Stripe Sweater, Nordstrom, $69.

Joe Fresh Metallic Striped Pullover, Nordstrom Rack, $17.

otkboot.jpt (2)necklace (2)

Antonio Melani Riding Boot, Dillard’s, $119.

Rayne Silver Long Necklace in White Pearl, Kendra Scott, $80.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart

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