Marcie: The Holy Grail of Leopard Coats

By Marcie Everhart

I’ve searched for “the” leopard coat that lives in my head for years, trekking to a certain vintage clothing mega-store in my city every six months when I remember how much I need this, lol. Never any luck. Then leopard coats had a huge moment this fall. By the time I realized it, many options were sold out! But I found it at Show Me Your Mumu, online. THIS is the coat of my dreams!


It’s a given this coat was made for a black turtleneck and large sunglasses as well as ANY formal gown, and just about any pair of jeans. But what about other things that don’t immediately come to mind? Let’s play!

Option 1: The Oscars Want to Know If I’m Coming This Year

If I were an actress going to the Oscars, I wouldn’t wear anything “sexy.” I’d want to be glamorous but in a covered, powerful, tasteful way. I’d wear PANTS. Like Kate Hepburn meant for them to be worn, dang it. Shocker, lol.

pic1 (2)

I’d wear a GOLD top, a button-up shimmery shirt or glittery sweater and act like I just popped in to accept my Oscar. But I’ve got to hurry home to finish my crossword puzzle, or to tuck my babies in bed, or to get back to the script I’m writing myself for my next project — like Mae West used to write all her own stuff! Sexy is not what some people think is sexy, amIright?!

pic2 (2)
It may be the tawdry red carpet to the bathroom in my local movie theater, but it’s still red carpet, rolled out for me!
pic3 (2)
A lovely new necklace, a Christmas gift from my husband’s sister.
pic4 (2)
I’ll see you in the movies. :^)

And I’d be channeling every female movie star who ever slayed in a leopard fur coat who came before me. Predator, not prey. The UNDOMESTICATED female. Are you talking to me?

pic5 (2)
Women working in Hollywood, on their way up.

Option 2: A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll

I confess — I never noticed Kate Moss in the 90s… who? But NOW I have a girl-crush on her. She gives zero you-know-whats. And that’s powerful.


No, I don’t have any pieces remotely like that, and if I wore my hair in a spike down the center of my face, they’d cart me off to the loony bin. But we can try to duplicate her appreciation for the bold. All we can do is try.

picr1 (2)

True story: One button came undone on my shirt while taking these pictures, to my utter horror and dismay. I photoshopped it closed. So there you have it. Real Life versus Haute Couture. Be glad I didn’t photoshop Ms. Kate’s closed!

picr2 (2)

picr3 (2)

picr5 (2)
I couldn’t love this coat more.

Option 3: This Fun Fur Was Made For Fun!

picb2 (2)

picb3 (2)
I wore this old t-shirt as part of a zombie brigade marching in a Halloween parade a few years back. The group was recruiting for new members. Good times. I love the “horror show” vibe.
picx (2)
My leopard bootie is from H&M, one or two years old.

picb1 (2)

picy (2)
Have we talked about this lipstick? MAC Russian Red. One of the few I’ve ever found that stays true red on me.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite magazines, Mental Floss, did a great story on the history of the leopard print that brings up so many brilliant points. The print has been viewed as luxurious and sophisticated AND kitschy and trashy. Exactly. Both. At the same time. Don’t we all lust for something that was worn by both Debbie Harry and Jackie O?! You can read more here.




Not so sophisticated…


And it used to be so much easier to get your Jungle Magic! — you just called Sears and said CHARGE IT.

A Little Background Music

That incomparable femme fatale — Melody Gardot.

Shopping Links

misscindysweater (2)pants (2)

Miss Cindy Overcoat, Feline Faux Fur, Show Me Your Mumu, $216.

Liz Claiborne V-Neck Gold Metallic Sweater, JC Penney, $18.

Worthington Modern Fit Trousers, Millenium White, JC Penney, $44.

goldpump (2)target (2)target2 (2)

Pointed Toe Heel, Sam Edelman, $84.

Bridget Mod Booties, Target, $35.

Lara Chelsea Bootie, Target, $35.

gappant (2)shirt (2)

Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans, Red, GAP, $69.

Lauren Ralph Lauren “Aaron” Shirt, Dillard’s, $69.50.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee



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