Marcie: High Plains Drifter — Lol

By Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)

Winter has finally come to the Oklahoma plains, and the prairie grasses have turned soft beige, gray and rust. Sorta like my hair — yesss!

pic7 (2)

The air is crisp and crackly. You’ll want the coziest, sturdiest, most wind-blocking garments you can find.

pic5 (2)

The higher the wool content in the blend, the warmer it will keep you.

pic3 (2)

pic4 (2)
I’m a bird! Thank goodness no one can see me but the husband. Well, and you guys.

I’ve owned this poncho a couple of years now and have never really worn it. How sad, right? One of my resolutions for 2018 is to wear and enjoy everything in my closet or move it along to someone who will. No more “waiting” or “saving” for just the right occasion. Every day is just the right occasion.

pic2 (2)

I’m going to delight in its simple yet powerful pattern and its colors that so perfectly match the land of my home. I’ll think of this field behind my little house on the prairie every time I wear it, no matter where I am.

pic9 (2)

pic10 (2)

pic6 (2)

Oh, that wind sweeping down the plains.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I’ve worn this amazing, forgotten poncho twice in the last two weeks, with a cream turtleneck and with weathered denim, belted. Actually, I found some old pics from when I first purchased it two years ago and was wondering how to style it then. Over-the-knee boots look fabulous with a poncho length that allows a good 4-5 inches of the leg to still be seen between the boot and poncho.


A Little Background Music

Robert Plant — more breathtaking now than he’s ever been.

Shopping Links

You won’t believe it, but I purchased this poncho at Forever 21. That fall (2015) they rolled big on gorgeous, eye-catching ponchos they draped dramatically on their window mannequins. The weave was surprisingly good, the colors tastefully done. Did you know that Forever 21 stores have a different “wardrobe” for their mannequins that may or may not be available in the store? Weird, right?! That’s how savvy they are with their window merchandising and how focused on its success to lure you in. F21 still has many intriguing, affordable options this fall online.

forever1 (2)forever2 (2)forever3 (2)

Forever 21 Fringe Stripe Poncho, $20.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Geo Print Poncho, $15.

Forever 21 Woven Heart Colorblock Poncho, $48.

Other options with the same natural beauty.

frye1 (2)frye2 (2)

Frye Roper Wool Wrap, Nordstrom, $358.

pendleton (2)pendleton2 (2)eileenfisher (2)

Pendleton Blanket Wrap, in Rio Canyon print, $299.

Pendleton Color Block Knit Poncho, $129.

Eileen Fisher Stripe Serape, Bloomingdale’s, $89.

freepeoplefront (2)freepeople (2)

Free People Dark Crystal Poncho, $150.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee



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