Marcie: Christmas Morning!

By Editor Marcie Everhart

Is there anything as magical as Christmas morning as a kid? Remember the unbridled joy?

I read a funny novel in which an entire chapter was just “snap shots” of the main characters on Christmas morning when they were six years old. The descriptions of the characters as little kids were perfect and hilarious and so illuminating, and they suggested that who we are essentially never really changes as we age. I asked my fellow contributors at Forever 51 to send me a photo of themselves as a child at Christmas-time…I was curious if we could glimpse their personalities, preferences, and future style in these miniature versions of themselves.

I was not disappointed. :^)

Kathy Wallace

kathypic1 (2)

Proof that Kathy Wallace was glamorous even as a child! A leopard print collar on a swing coat with oversized cuffs. And still rocking that touch of leopard and luxurious fabric today. I totally see the budding fashionista!

Suki Bickett


Here we have a snapshot of Suki (in the red dress) as a child with her younger sister in Thailand, where Christmas is not a big thing, :^). Suki still carries that confident, decisive older-sister vibe today! Coincidence that we introduced Suki on the fashion blog in a classy, elegant red dress?? We think not!

Tammy Seibert

tammypic4blurry (2)

Tammy is stillĀ  layering some type of lace over dresses and putting something on her head! She’s developed that sweet feminine aesthetic as a girl into a deeply romantic outlook on life as a woman. Isn’t this uncanny!? Another thing I notice — how intense Santas used to be back in the day…haha. These guys took their jobs very seriously!

Marcie Everhart

tinylibrarian (2)pic1 (2)

I loved these red shoes with my entire soul. When a friend saw this pic recently, she said “Oh look, it’s a tiny librarian!” :^) I’ve worn glasses since I was three, and have always had a Christmas-themed birthday cake with bright red icing. I am still drawn irresistibly to red. My closet today is mostly black or white neutrals with a shot of RED! And shoes! Shoes with personality that speak to me.


From all of us here at Forever 51, we wish you the best upcoming year you’ve ever had. It’s time to do and be and go and make everything your heart ever desired come true. Merry Christmas, dear friends.

A Little Background Music

Don’t we carry home, and who we are, with us wherever we go?

Shopping Link

If you need a few laughs as a self-gift, you know, as an adult on the other end of Christmas morning, lol, I highly recommend Christopher Moore’s novel, The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror.




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