Tammy: Mad For Plaid and Leopard — 4 Different Outfits for a Holiday in the Park

This is a 2-part story showing 4 different outfit ideas for holiday dressing, with plaid and leopard prints. We’ll see 2 today and 2 more on Friday! All photos were shot in festive Downtown Oklahoma City! — Editor Marcie

By Tammy Seibert

Outfit #1

skirt1 (2)

I associate plaid with romance, Ralph Lauren and Christmas. My mom made this plaid taffeta skirt over 30 years ago. I can remember many festive, holiday parties at our house with her being the hostess and serving up delicious hospitality to her guests wearing this exact same skirt. She usually wore it with an elegant white ruffle shirt but I like equal-part preppy mixed with the modern style of the velvet boot and black turtleneck.

skirt3 (2)

skirt4 (2)

skirt8 (2)

skirt7 (2)

skirt6 (2)

I began to see new ways to wear old classics, pieces which I’ve owned for years, which never seem to go out of style but just need a fresh new look out of the closet.

Tip #1 Try mixing an old classic with a new velvet boot.

Outfit #2

shirt (2)

I bought this black maxi skirt with the slit from Dillard’s a while ago, but I love mixing it with  a traditional, plaid button-down and tied at the waist for a modern twist. You can even have a further play on pattern by adding the leopard print shawl to wrap around your shoulders if it gets chilly.

shirt8 (2)

Following Ralph Lauren’s lead I began to see leopard print as a neutral rather than a print.

shirt6 (2)

Dress it all up with black patent high heels with a peep toe and bow.

shirt7 (2)

shirt3 (2)

shirt4 (2)

Tip #2 See leopard as a neutral you can mix with color and prints.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


My mother read this book for a number of our women’s Christmas parties that we hosted! It began my love of tea! I even have an ornament on my tree from one of those parties.

We often forget the nice people we have known as we grow away from our childhood and get busy being adults. We forget the charm of quiet conversation and a warm cup of tea shared with an older friend or relative. The lessons of life learned as we sip our tea and nibble our dainty sandwiches fade into the past. This little gem takes us back to a quieter, reflective time and helps us put things in proper perspective. Whether you read this during the holidays or just on a solitary afternoon, you will smile and go fix yourself a cup of tea.

Whether it’s a plaid skirt or a cup of tea my mom is ever present with me with her love of the holidays and our shared love of tea!

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

skirt1 (2)skirt2 (2)skirt3 (2)

A-Line Wool Skirt, Chadwicks, $40.

Tartan Plaid Cross-Laced Skirt, Pyramid Collection, $90.

Red Plaid Maxi Skirt, Etsy, $66.

jcrew (2)skirtbw (2)pendleton (2)

Tiered Tartan Plaid Maxi Skirt, J Crew, $228.

First Snow Plaid Skirt, Shabby Apple, $88.

Fireside Skirt, Pendleton, $199.

gapshirt (2)ralphlauren (2)

Red Tartan Classic Flannel Shirt, Old Navy, $15.

Plaid Shirt, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, $53.

scarfscarf2 (2)

Cheetah Print Scarf, Nordstrom, $33.

Leopard Shawl, WalMart, $5.

bootiecircus (2)

Black Velvet Bootie, American Eagle, $36.

Circus by Sam Edelman, Lulu’s, $100.

Please stay tuned for Tammy’s final 2 outfits in this 2-part story coming Friday! — Editor Marcie


*Photos of Tammy by Marcie Everhart


  1. Tammy I really like the black turtleneck top with the red plaid taffeta skirt. Really liked all the pictures and your telling the story of “A Cup of Christmas Tea”, if really brought some Happy Memories.


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