Tammy & Marcie: Stevie Nicks — Our Style Muse, Our Art Muse

By Tammy Seibert

pic1 (2)

Stevie’s style is an organic outlet of her spirit and artistry, offering gauzy, breezy fabric in long, billowy cuts with tons of lace, velvet and tapestry for luxurious texture or bell bottoms and peasant-style skirts with handkerchief hems designed for a freer, more interesting va-va-voom.

pic9 (2)

She incorporates flowing bell sleeves, ruffles and silks galore and layers of lace for romance and poetry which is a requirement for a songstress like Stevie.


You’ll want to accessorize with lots of hats of all shapes and sizes, draped in scarves and never be without a signature piece of jewelry like her Crescent Moon necklace.

pic3 (2)

Shop in small boutiques and marketplaces on your travels and load up on trinkets that you will cherish. Every piece will have a story to tell.

pic7 (2)

Fringed ponchos, bolero and shawls or kimono — these are just a means of wrapping yourself up for a little dramatic flair. These swinging pieces gave Stevie something to work with on stage and became entwined in her fashion style.

pic4 (2)

Platform shoes and knee-high boots…for Stevie it’s all about elevating her tiny body to statuesque stage goddess.

pic6 (2)

Leather and lace is not just a song she wrote; it’s a style she created.

pic10 (2)
I couldn’t resist including this cute pic of Tammy! She is holding my place for me while I set the camera’s timer. — Marcie

Stevie wears natural make-up that looks fresh and sun-kissed paired with dramatic eyes and deep lip color. Her hair involves feathery-layered looks and flyaway bangs with natural looking waves. She has had cool bangs since the 1970s.

pic2 (2)

Stevie is not a trend or a fad…she is a boho original.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Stevie is our Art Muse as well, for my painting and Marcie’s photography.

Stevie and I both love to paint and draw. She said in a 1997 interview “I do (still paint). That’s just something that’s there, and one day the time will be right and I’ll do a coffee-table book. It’s just sitting there waiting, like the next album.”

Rhiannon – painting by Stevie Nicks, 10-12-82

I have been painting since I took a drawing class in college. Actually in grade school my best friend’s mother was the art teacher in high school, and I would walk into her classroom and think this must be what heaven is like. The creative vibe was so strong mixed with the smell of paints and varnish remover. All these students’ art work would be lined up, and it held some kind of magic hold for me. My mother also started painting these beautiful little toile paintings around the same time and her paint brushes were in a Pringles can. I was fascinated with her art supplies…like a kid in a candy store. The creative bug has been with me ever since, showing up in different ways from creating a cook book for our tearoom, poetry, painting, decorating, fashion and photography.

Mother and Son – I painted this when my husband’s mother passed away, but honestly, it’s for my three sons also.

A stunning collection of Polaroids, self-portraits created by Stevie from 1969 to 1987, went on display in New York in 2014, after languishing in a shoebox for years. Her 24 Karat Gold retrospective exhibit reveals a frozen moment in time through the eyes of the artist herself. She would dress herself, set up the scenery, and position the camera, in the middle of the night while the world slept.

A self-portrait Polaroid from Stevie’s 24 Karat Gold exhibit.

I think Stevie has a particular appeal with women. From a photographic point of view, if you look at those Polaroids, she is really being her own muse in terms of how she wanted to see herself. She opened up this wonderful treasure chest of clothing and furniture and accessories, and all the things that she would have had around her to create these little worlds of fashion, and how she saw herself. Stevie was learning and experimenting, very sophisticated in her knowledge of composition, framing, color. The shots are just beautifully art directed.

Windows — part of a collection of photographs of shop window reflections taken on High Street, Columbus, OH, by Marcie.

Marcie shared with me why she began the Forever51blog… because she wanted to look back at her fifties and have some touchstone of this moment in time for herself, and to create little worlds for each Forever 51 woman and her particular style and love of fashion.

“I want everyone who does this blog with me to embrace the creative expression it offers, from picking out the outfit and posing and composing photos to finding the words and music that expand its mood,” she said. “Women over-fifty are vibrant and interesting, and this is a sisterly, nurturing place of support, exploration, and expression.”

Life is like art. And that is the beauty of it. You don’t know how it’s going to turn out. It’s always evolving and changing. What does your canvas look like? I truly believe one of the reason so many women love Stevie Nicks is because they love the mystery of her haunting voice, her lyrics, her fashion choices, her art, her poetry, her whimsy, her magic that she weaves and her stories. What story is your life writing…what style are you speaking as soon as you enter a room…what creativity are you practicing?

A Little Background Music

Tammy’s Shopping Links

These days Stevie is the inspiration for websites like Gypsy Moon: Romantic Vintage Inspired Clothing, which offers Nicks-style top hats and shawls.

pants2 (2)pants1 (2)pants3 (2)

Animal Palazzo Pant, JC Penney, $17.

Plus Size Leopard Print Palazzo Pants, $48.

Leopard Print Wide Leg Pant, $40.

top (2)

Cold Shoulder Sweater, Alison Andrews, Target, $30.


New Biography, Gold Dust Woman, $16.

Marcie’s Shopping Links


Ivory Lace Poncho, $25.


Lace Up Fringe Poncho, $37.

Crochet Lace Poncho, $35.

dress1 (2)dress2 (2)dress3

ASOS Maxi Tea Dress, $32.

ASOS Three Quarter Sleeve Maxi, $23.

Rachel Zoe Jersey Maxi Dress, $295.

bootie1bootie2 (2)bootie3

Mulholland Embroidered Boot, $120.

Vail Embroidered Ankle Boot, $60.

Lissa Embroidered Bootie, STEVEN by Steve Madden, $139.


*Photos of Tammy and Marcie by Tammy and Marcie

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