Marcie: A Female Football Fan

By Marcie Everhart

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I firmly believe there are millions of Real Women all over America just like me, who whip up a 7-layer dip or Frito chili pie, then gather with their families to watch football on glorious fall weekends. We are the daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and girlfriends of the gridiron. It’s one of the top things I enjoy in life.

Dressing for Game Day is super challenging! One – you gotta show your TEAM SPIRIT, but doz Crayola crayon colors! I know, that orange is not in anyone’s color wheel, sister. But with all these kids running around doing their sports and school activities that we get dragged to, we’ve got to master the skills of Theme Color Dressing lest we end up looking like the mascot. Two – You gotta be ready for anything to happen. Storm delay? Did you forget your rain poncho? And temperatures that swing wildly from the blazing 100s in September (and it’s 15 degrees hotter near the turf!) to the bone-chilling sub-zeroes of January (if your team is so lucky to still be playing then). And three – walking. Lots of walking could be involved. Leave the Manolos at home.

We gotta focus, ladies! And get our game face on! We gotta look cute in downright IMPOSSIBLE situations. Let’s do this!

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Many of my happiest memories are wrapped around football — falling asleep next to my grandfather on the couch as we watched 1970s NFL on the TV together with Howard Cosell droning on in the background, playing tackle with the neighbor kids in our front yard like neighbor kids used to do (no sissy touch or tag for us!), and cheering my own brother, boyfriend, then later sons on in pivotal games that are never forgotten.

Like a lot of fashion situations in life, it’s about layers. Put a hooded sweatshirt UNDER the fan jersey, so your colors still shine forth. Match the hoodie color to a slimming side stripe for extra points. Look for mesh panels in your sports apparel selections for air circulation for early season, knowing that you can layer later as the season progresses. And boots. Think of that additional layer of warmth!…the taller the better.

pic4 (2)
My house has always been a Minnesota Vikings house, since childhood. No matter what happens, I wear the purple and gold. And it is not an easy color combo! Lol. Unless…it’s post-season and my Vikes didn’t make the playoffs. Then, I switch to the Patriots, oh that immaculate, well-oiled football machine. I appreciate dedication to excellence.

pic5 (2)

A plaid flannel wrap in your team colors — score!

pic1 (2)

And finally…just don’t over-think this. Find some old-school, flare-leg jeans with the knees busted out (that take you right back to the 70s), chop the hem with your own scissors, throw on some Chuck Taylors and it’s perfect. Get out in the sunshine and play.

pic6 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic7 (2)

Half-time was invented for you to get outside and have your own quick game of catch.


A Little Background Music

Haha. Rockin’ Randall Hank.

Shopping Links

I bought my lace-up, Vikings-wench jersey a few years ago when the design was about being a Girl Viking! Now all the teams have various lace-up designs, very rakish, whether you’re a Buccaneer Girl Pirate or a fan of one of those bird teams. Haha, jk.


Women’s Draft Me 3 Top, Majestic, $50-60.

shawlshawl2 (2)shirt (2)

Billabong Flannel Wrap, $55.

Billabong Plaid Cardigan, $37.

Levi’s Button-Up Plaid Shirts at Fanatics, $58.

Layer with any plaid shirt, large scarf, shawl, cardigan or kimono. Just hunt down your team colors.

I found this wonderful link that helps to sort out when to wear white jeans and when to wear black with your specific fan gear. Converse sneaks in your team colors or plain white with that top? What about the ugly team sweater? How the heck does one wear that? Page after page of outfits put together just for you, the Cute Football Fan.

Style Inspiration for the Female NFL Football Fan.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee.


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