Kathy: The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Outfit

By Kathy Wallace

pic7 (2)

The perfect post-Thanksgiving outfit… Velvet. Following preparation of the stuffed turkey and trimmings, it is now time to relax and lounge on a peach velvet couch in layers of one of your most favorite fabrics, luxurious velvet. A burgundy velvet knotted top layered with a velvet floral embroidered kimono and black crushed velvet booties. Accessorized with a jet black beaded necklace and a big sparkly green vintage cocktail ring. Aahhhhh, now I am relaxed.

pic5 (2)

pic7 (3)

pic4 (2)

Thanksgiving and Post-Thanksgiving Blessings To All!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

EDITOR’S NOTE: I suspect that all of Kathy’s posts are going to have a jaw-dropping, vintage knuckle-duster in it! (That be old-fashioned slang for the glorious cocktail ring.)

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links


Velvet Embroidered Kimono in Black, Pink Attitude Boutique, $42.

Kathy’s burgundy crushed velvet top from Pink Attitude Boutique is sold out, but we’ve found a few similar options.

top1top2top3 (2)

Chaus Crushed Velvet Sharkbite Hem Top, $69.

14th & Union Tie Back Velvet Tee, $25.

Love on a Hanger Crushed Velvet Top, $29.


Very Volatile Eclipse Velvet Sock Bootie, in Black, Blue, and Taupe, $80.


*Photos of Kathy by Marcie Everhart

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