Suki: Celebrations of Family

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic2 (2)
A white dupioni silk blouse with a flattering, puckered-stitching detail tops a simple, black dress pant for an easy yet elegant Thanksgiving outfit.
pic3 (2)
A Kendra Scott necklace further explores the many intriguing shades of white, gray, and black, created by light and shadow. The more detail work in the blouse, the more light and shadow play on the silk surface.
pic4 (2)
Is the pendant gray or white? Sometimes the quiet non-colors say so much.
pic5 (2)
The outline of a Kendra Scott earring suggests the same diamond shapes created by the black stitching in the white top.
pic1 (2)
A white top/ black pant outfit that is anything but boring…

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Actually Suki is headed to Utah where she will cook a Thanksgiving spread for her bachelor-son in the Air Force and twenty of his fellow officers who are unable to make the trip home for the holiday with their own families.

A Little Background Music

Lady Gaga wears white to perform for five living U.S. presidents and raise money for hurricane relief in Texas.

Shopping Links

Suki’s top is by Samuel Dong, one of the most popular boutique brands in the world, and was a gift from her mother. He’s a very artistic designer, known for bubble hems and ornate collars, as if he is trying to get as much of the luxurious fabrics around women as possible. This extra fabric and puckering define a woman’s shape in flattering ways instead of adding bulk. Two options still available from his 2017 line follow.


Dupioni Silk Blouse with Double Collar, French Cuff, and Hidden Back Zipper, $149.

Dupioni Silk Blouse with Portrait Collar and Fabric Rose, $149.

So, weird story: We searched forever for a similar blouse online. Finally I did an image search using Suki’s photo wearing the top. The results were two dictionary entries for “Lady” followed by photos of Kate Middleton in an array of white blouses. There you go. The mighty Google oracle has spoken. Ladies of the house (women with proprietary rights, refinement, and gentle manners) wear fancy white blouses.

nordstromstripesmockedtopmandytop (3)

Stripe Satin Blouse, Nordstrom, $44.

Smocked Waist Peplum Top, Nordstrom, $26.

Mandy Top with stripes of textured pleating, one of Duchess Kate’s favorite brands, Reiss, $145.


Rayne Silver Long Necklace, Kendra Scott, in Slate Cat’s Eye, $80.

Sophee Drop Earrings, Kendra Scott, in Gunmetal, $55.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart

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