Tammy: 10 Signs You Share a Love of Romantic Style with Tammy

By Tammy Seibert


pic4blurry (2)
Tammy layers a crocheted vest over a bell-sleeve, ruffled-hem maxi dress with a deep red lace camisole under it.

1. You value femininity and may be a hopeless romantic. Lace, Crochet and Tulle are just a few of the whimsical feminine details that tend to catch your attention when you shop. Ruffles aren’t just a seasonal trend – they’re a lifestyle!

pic8 (2)
The sun glows gently through the soft cotton fabric, illuminating the medallions, triangles, and crosses in its pattern.

2. You like to wear soft colors and often choose fabrics like Chiffon and Silk that drape graciously on your body. You instinctively choose beautiful tactile fabrics, gentle or pretty colors or curvy shapes.

pic7 (2)
Tammy and the sun flirt with each other.

3. An all-white wardrobe isn’t too precious for you and you can appreciate all the variations of the non-color: bone, ivory, eggshell, snow, chalk or vanilla.

pic2 (3)
The shapes created by the woven threads of the vanilla vest are duplicated in the pattern of the dress material.

4. Your love affair with florals started with a childhood wardrobe made up of smocking and roses. Even your childhood bedroom had chintz wallpaper. You not only read Victoria Magazine…chances are you owned every issue. Your favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice.

5. Your most beloved pair of jeans has that enviable pocket detail, and floral embroidery down the jean-leg appeals to your fancy. You have a pair of bell-bottom jeans in your closet.

6. People recognize you as a dress girl …Maxi, Midi and Mini…you love them all. You are naturally drawn to dresses and skirts rather than tailored.

pic5 (2)
Tammy’s soft features are enhanced by her soft, womanly style.

7. The impression you give is friendly and non-threatening but you’re likely to be a man’s girl. You usually have a friendly face, soft and rounded features (soft cheeks, pear or hour-glass body shape) and prefer your hair wavy or curly.

8. For evening your choice could be fur, velvet or lace if you go out on the town, but honestly you wouldn’t mind staying at home drinking chamomile tea with honey and reading a beautiful love story in a silk kimono.

9. You scour flea markets at every chance for lockets and charms for your bracelet and little vintage trinkets that make your heart leap for joy.

pic3 (2)
A wide-brimmed hat frames Tammy’s smiling face.

10. You have a love affair with hats, berets, scarves and capes. You also prefer high heels to flats.

pic6 (2)
An intricately stitched leather peep-toe bootie gives Tammy some soulful soles!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

EDITOR’S NOTE: I knew Tammy had been “The Tea Lady” in our city, featured in many publications, but 2010 photos by K.O. Rinearson in NW Style magazine really brought the complete experience to life at her and Eric’s tea room, A Spot For Tea. That appreciation for all the variations of the non-color, white? Lived. Tammy wore an all-white getup in this role for years.

teaalady (2)

Tammy’s puppet was named Victoria Rose, and her job was to teach the children about manners.

tealady2 (2)

The full story can be seen here.

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

anthro1 (2)anthro2 (2)dress (2)

Farm Rio Madrid Wrap Maxi Dress, $150.

Farm Rio Smocked Floral Dress, $198.

Rust Paisley Boho Maxi Dress, $54.

targetvest (2)hat

Knit Vest with Fringe, Target, $20.

Leave It To Me Floppy Hat, Camel, $24.


Karinta Block Heel Bootie, Vince Camuto, $120.

A link to many peep-toe booties at Nordstrom.


I also want to recommend Romancing the Ordinary: A Year of Simple Splendour, which celebrates the spirituality of the senses, seasonally and monthly. Author Sarah Ban Breathnach believes that women are endowed not with five senses but seven. In addition to rediscovering sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch, readers will come to cherish their sense of “knowing” (a woman’s intuitive sense) and “wonder” (her sense of rapture and reverence). Writing in the style so beloved by her millions of readers, and drawing on myth, literature, film, music, and drama, Ban Breathnach encourages each woman to discover what moves her to tears, makes her blood rush to her head, her heart skip a beat, and her soul sigh.

Interwoven with the text are seasonal indulgences intended to restore weary feminine souls — recipes, rituals, decorating, fashion, and gardening hints. By encouraging her to delight in the often overlooked gifts of every day — from the aroma of simmering homemade spaghetti sauce to the sensation of freshly laundered linen against bare skin — Romancing the Ordinary is sure to help every woman fall in love with Life.


*Photos of Tammy in the featured outfit by Marcie and Tammy

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