Shelley: Pants with Personality!

By Shelley Mahan Graham

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart


Shelley taps into the 70s-vibe trend right now with a pair of sassy pants worn with a well-loved sweatshirt and Stan Smith Adidas sneakers in red.


The pants were a navy gingham ankle pant with piping (say that five times), Merona at Target, and are long gone online, but no problem. There are checks, plaids, and stripes everywhere you look, enough to look like every Brady in the Bunch, and if you’re old enough to get that joke, you’re old enough to be here, lol.


Is it wrong to cheer for a place instead of a sports team? Nope! Many local boutiques have a special section for tees and hoodies with clever graphics about your beloved city.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Bean bags. Bean bag chairs were a thing in the 70s too. ;^) #beanbag

A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

checks (2)pants2 (2)pantsbr (2)

Checked Trousers with Buttons, Zara, $40.

Checked Faux Suede Trousers, Zara, $40.

Charcoal Gingham Slim Straight Pant, Banana Republic, $48.

sweatshirt1sweatshirt2 (2)sweatshirt3 (2)

Originals Trefoil Hoodie, raw edges, Adidas, $75.

Oversized Good Vibes Sweatshirt, Zara, $60.

Sunday Funday Sweatshirt, Vici Collection, $52.

navy (2)

Stan Smith Original, Adidas, $60.


*Photos of Shelley by Marcie Everhart


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