Suki: Fierce and Cuddly

By Suki Bickett

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart

pic3 (2)

A soft, casual leopard-print dress with a hoodie and pockets makes Suki think of the boutique where she bought it … and the daughter of her best friend who owns the boutique.

pic1 (2)

We should be fiercely loyal to our fellow women pursuing fashion business interests and to our local communities.

pic5 (2)
Gianni Bini black bootie and Brighton earring.

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

These independently-owned boutiques are where you can find pieces that really reflect the spirit of your community. This boutique is Southern Gypsy located in Jefferson, TX, but they do a brisk mail-order business through their Facebook page, Shop Southern Gypsy.

And boy, do they have some cute stuff — like this simple “thankful” tee, $20.


And these distressed flannel lace-up tops, $24.


A Little Background Music

Shopping Links

What says “fall” more than a cuddly animal-print dress?

velvet (2)bluemk (2)katespade (2)

Jessica Howard Animal-Print Velvet Choker Dress, $99.

Michael Kors Cheetah Print Sweater Dress, $155.

Kate Spade Leopard Print Dress with Blush Background, $248.


*Photos of Suki by Marcie Everhart

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