Suzy: Zara – What’s All the Fuss?

By Suzy Gibson

As a contributor to Forever51, my job is to show the readers affordable fashion, trendy fashion, fun fashion, and fashion that Forever51ers would feel comfortable in. Yes, because you, our loyal followers have helped us grow, you are officially a Forever51er, CONGRATS! The other part of my job is to keep up with what my partners are wearing and where they are shopping. What is this Zara and where do I find it? My curiosity was piqued. (Honestly it doesn’t take much – SQUIRREL!)

I noticed a recurring theme with Shelley, girl shops at Zara A LOT! It’s not in Oklahoma, but hey, there’s an app for that, search, click, download and BAM…. Zara is now on my phone. Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies, headquartered in Spain and the closest location to Oklahoma City is Dallas. (I smell a road trip!)


So here’s the real-real-Suzy-deal. I have been all over the Zara app, and although they have some beautiful on-trend pieces, the style is not really mine. But I wanted to order at least one thing so I could share my Zara experience with you. I found an interesting piece called a “Multi-Position Shirt.” It’s a classic shirt with a lapel collar, long sleeves and a simple strap detail. What does this mean? Well, I’ll tell you what that means; it can be worn THREE ways! TWO of which I was able to master, one that I could not figure out: the “slouchy” position, which means if this was a test I made a 75!


Position One: A classic button-down that can be worn in the office, on the weekend, or a night out. Ah, simplicity!


To stay true to the edgy style I prefer, I jazzed it up with a beaded belt, gold statement pieces and wedges. I know open-toed shoes are reserved for spring and summer, but the wedge was just too interesting not to show. Plus I live in a climate that open-toed shoes can almost be worn year-round, not that they should, but you could… see the difference there?

I chose to do a full tuck with this shirt to show off the belt, and it was cut in a way that I did not have to worry about any tightness around the mid-section, but it could also be worn in a half tuck, either front or back.




Position Two: Change up the pants and shoes, and I am ready for an afternoon of exploring the city, lunching with friends, or occupying a chair somewhere on a patio. This is more my style, a bit edgy, an element of interest with the wrap-around style and collar in the back.




The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I shot this outfit on my handsome son’s 24th birthday. It was the least I could do to include him in the shoot. He makes my heart happy!


A Little Background Music

Swinging in Stripes, it’s IN-GRID’s Vive Le Swing.

Shopping Links


Zara Multi-Position Shirt, $50.


Layered Y-Necklace, $98.


Athena Oval Drop Earrings, $38.


Petra Wedge Sandal, $60.

suzy13 (2)

Horse and Carriage Soft Square Sunglasses, $160.


*Photos of Suzy by Mara Porter



  1. OK, so this shirt looks so absolutely adorable on you! I would have never picked it out by looking at the model….just sayin’!


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