Marcie: Black Leather Pants Week Pt. 3 – The BLP Done Preppy!

By Marcie Everhart

pich (2)
A polo pullover with an edgy biker pant is exactly like ivy growing over spray-painted street graffiti!

Take 1: Find a Horse

The biggest you can find. Aaand, you guys know how I feel about brown and black playing together!

picc (2)

And a number on the sleeve or a big diagonal chest stripe for bonus points! Now is not the time to show restraint! BIG polo symbology!!

picb (2)

pica (2)

Take 2: Plaid.

picf (2)

Classic Plaid with a plain, gray tee. Old-British-Dude-Drinking-Tea plaid. That’s the one.

picg (2)

(This is the side door to my favorite bar where I play trivia with a group of math/science wizard boys. I’m the secret weapon for any “girl” questions, the random curve-ball, lol. Top 80s fashion designer with nautical logo who pioneered licensing — Bill Blass! Jewelry clasp named for sea creature — lobster claw!! He wrecked the men’s undershirt industry when he appeared bare-chested in a 1934 movie — CLARK FRICKIN’ GABLE!!! GIMME MY WINNINGS!!! I’m the competitive advantage, haha. Man, I’m old — this age thing has to come into play somewhere, right! #bartrivia )

pice (2)

Take 3: Now Where Did I Park My Yacht?

pic1 (2)
I need a yacht to match mah smokin’ jacket.

pic3 (2)

We have to talk about this velvet blazer, ladies! It’s Talbot’s and 90s era, best-guess. When I saw how much to update with similar quality…I will be altering the shoulder pads with a tailor!

pic2 (2)

pic4 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

These photos were shot in Norman, a college town a stone’s throw from my house. I was stopped in the street by young college women to tell me “that’s how” they wanted to age. :^) It’s amazing how we remember compliments, and to give one takes so little effort on our part. We should compliment each other as often as possible.

A Little Background Music

Cowboy, biker, rocker, rapper — it’s kinda all the same thing, really.

Shopping Links

blackpolo4 (2)yellowstripepolo (2)polostripe3 (2)

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo, $52.

Ralph Lauren Diagonal Yellow Stripe Polo, $43.

Ralph Lauren Color Block Polo, $36.

expressjacket (2)nordstromjacketbrownjacket3

Express Double Peplum Jacket, $128.

Collarless Leather Moto Jacket, $280.

Faux Leather Jacket, $98.


Classic Plaid Woven Scarf, $36.


Ralph Lauren Burgundy Velvet Jacket, $1490.

Deep Rouge Velvet Blazer, $276.

Tahari Crimson Red Velvet Blazer, $129.


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee

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