Marcie: Black Leather Pants Week Pt. 2 – The BLP Tuned Down…Just a Little

By Marcie Everhart

pic1 (2)

I wanted to look as cool as “Jim Morrison and the Doors” with my black leather pants — I think I may have nailed it! Haha! I even found my backup band in an alley!

pic2 (2)

The idea here was to put edgy black leather pants with casual, tuned-down basics like the ubiquitous gray v-neck tee or rugged denim shirt or jacket.


I admit the tops I reach for most in my closet on a daily basis are short-sleeve or long-sleeve, v-neck, gray tees, probably because they require no thought.


I bought this cabochon statement necklace from a Talbot’s two years ago because I had on the “uniform” gray tee at the time and was taken aback by how pretty it was held up against the utilitarian GRAY. It had the power to transform a plain t-shirt. This necklace is really special, with sparkly pieces of mirrored glass that would be tacky without the calm, vintage-feeling, pink beads. It ends up in Art Deco territory.


pic4.jpg (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Who put these doors in this alley for my personal amusement?!

A Little Background Music

Have ya’ll seen this video of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Jim Morrison singing words from children’s books!!? GOODNIGHT, MOON! ROFL. Brilliant.

Shopping Links

pinknecklacepinkcabochonnecklacepinknecklace2 (2)

If you really want this specific necklace, it can be found on re-sale sites like ebay and poshmark, searching “Marquise and Bead Bib Necklace Talbot’s.”

But the idea is any PINK and SILVER statement necklace to girl-ify any black leather garment (moto jacket or pant) or any minimalist gray garment (tee or skirt or cardigan). And the sugary-sweet, fairy-princess baubles are everywhere in all price ranges.

verawangnecklace (2)kohlsmuddnecklace (2)jcpenneynecklace (2)

Vera Wang Flower & Faceted Stone Necklace, $32.

Mudd Bib Statement Necklace, $10.

Pastel Flower Necklace, $17.


Vera Wang Shaky Bead Cluster Necklace, $26.

Carved Rose Quartz, Pearl, Larvikite Statement Necklace, $100.

A few gray tees…

nordstromgrayteetargetgraytee (2)kohlsgraytee (2)

Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee, $20.

Target Metallic Tipped Vintage Tee, $8. Isn’t that trim at the neckline fabulous?

Sonoma Essential Tee, $10.

…and of course, the Bell Bottom Lace Up Leather Pant, $130. Make sure to look for the Jamin’ Leather coupons all over the internets!

There is a Part 1 to this story and will be a Part 3 on Friday as we work our way through Black Leather Pants Week here on the blog!


*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee

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