Suzy: Brocade – The Long and Short of It

By Suzy Gibson

I think my schedule is just as busy after work than during the day. As I leave the office, I’m planning what errands I can accomplish, when all I really want to do is go home and get out of my heels and bra. This particular evening I was determined to squeeze in some retail therapy, but first, I had to stop by the cleaners who were holding my clothes hostage because they thought closing at 5:30 was a good idea, then to the grocery store.

Here is my harsh reality: I used to go grocery shopping for my two cherub-faced little boys, now I shop for two old men (G-pa and the hubs). AHHHH, the joys of middle-age; bring on the Geritol and Metamucil! Just enough time for some shopping, I popped in to find a few pieces that might pique the interest of the Forever 51 crowd. BAM! In and out in less than 20 minutes, enough time to get home and make sure the old men are fed. Because I was Speedy McSpeedster, I did not try anything on, but I can pretty much eye something to tell if it’s going to fit or not. The results? You be the judge.

pic3 (2)

This dress was very constructed, so the skirt pouffed out and gave it a very girly silhouette. However, I looked twice my size from the side, not something a woman of my maturity strives for.

pic6 (2)

pic4 (3)

I love the colors in the brocade pattern, which I was able to incorporate perfectly with a pair of Kendra Scott earrings.

pic2 (2)

This dress barely passed the fingertip test, but the empire waist, scoop neck and full skirt gave it the balance it needed. Paired with a pair of black wedges, my legs looked a mile long, now that is something a middle-aged woman strives for!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic1 (2)

I like the way this dress photographs, and love the colors and brocade pattern. I’m not sure about the pouf of the skirt, and the length. Like I said, you be the judge. That’s what I get for being Speedy McSpeedy.

A Little Background Music

Because the dress is beautifully unconventional…

Shopping Links

WHOA!!! A brocade dress is not cheap! So please, don’t pass out from sticker shock. I included this link just because it is too beautiful not to at least look at.


Sleeveless Brocade Dress.

OK, let’s get back to reality.

dress2dress4dress5 (2)

Into the Night Purple Skater Dress, Lulus, $47.

Heart Embroidered Brocade Dress, Kriado, $128.

Embroidered Brocade Dress, Macy’s, $158.


Alex Earrings in Chalcedony, $55.

Best Match Wedge Sandal, $50.



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