Suzy: Girlfriends Guide to Shopping

By Suzy Gibson

Shopping rules are incorporated into my ritual every time I step out the door for some retail therapy. It gives me a sense of purpose, and I am in control of my purchase limits for the day. Some of the rules I abide by include:

  1. NEVER ever take the hubs, not even if he is buying, because hey, I don’t need his physical presence to still foot the bill.
  2. ALWAYS have a plan of attack. If I am going to purchase a specific thing, I know where to find it. Work Clothes – department store; Casual-Sporty – Cato or Target; Girls Night Out that you will only wear once – any Sluts-R-Us store will do in the mall. If you have the patience, you can always hit up Good Will (I like to call it the GW, with a thick southern accent).
  3. IF I find something, and do not buy it, but have thought about it at least three times, it was meant to be. When a piece of clothing or an accessory invades my brain, the universe is trying to tell me it belongs in my closet. If I go back and it’s not there, I go into a short mourning period, which is always cured by girlfriend time on a patio somewhere in our great city.

This is why we have rules, something that can guide us and we can abide to MOST of the time. I have talked Mara off the ledge when she deviated from her shopping rules. She called me frantically “You have to meet me right now, I need a shoe intervention!” I replied “OK, don’t move, I’m coming right now!” We sat in a restaurant, staring at the insanely beautiful but expensive shoes, working every angle we could to keep them. But in the end, we toasted said shoes, and bid farewell as we returned them. It was a shoe tragedy I will never forget.

A girl should always have a couple of epic shopping stories she can share with friends, which is what I plan to do with my friends today. It all started with a little black dress…

pic2 (2)

I spied this dress in Target (which by the way has some weird block on the links, so go to Target online, search women’s black dresses and you will get about 20 pages, BAM!).

I looked at the tag: Cold Shoulder Embroidered Swing Dress. Hmmmm, shrugged my shoulders and sashayed on my way.

pic5 (2)

You ever have a nagging feeling in the back of your brain, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? I felt that way for three days, then the light bulb moment, I had hit the THREE DAY RULE! Now I must drop everything, because that’s the rules, run back to Target and pray that the dress that has been playing in my mind is still there and it was, a lucky shopping score for Suzy!

pic3 (2)

Versatility is the name of the game with this swing dress.

Dressy: Pair it with simple pearl studs and a bracelet with black pumps.

Business Casual: Pair it with wedges, but jazz it up a little with silver jewelry.

Sporty: Throw on a pair of kicks and large silver hoops.

Since this dress is embroidered, you don’t need a lot of jewelry, just some simple touches, or nothing at all.

Shopping Links


Dark Floral Flounced Sleeve Swing Dress, $30.


Cold-Shoulder Striped Knit Sneaker Dress, $84.

picc (2)

Flat Hoops, $12.

picd (2)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top, $50.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic4 (2)

These photos were shot at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. The lobby had some kickass art pieces that served as the perfect backdrop, and we were there during the Mary Kay convention! We were surrounded by fabulous ladies with even more fabulous fashion!

A Little Background Music

A shoe intervention should never ever involve red high heels!


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