Marcie: Rolling Stone Magazine on the Telephone, Baby

By Marcie Everhart

I saw this movie last month…

…and became a little obsessed with it. I may have gone overboard. I googled every song on the extensive soundtrack, every artist, and eventually came across THIS video! Gahhh! I had forgotten just how cool WINONA Ryder was…

To explain: This band, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, hired actors to act like the band in this 1990s music video while the band members act out scenes from famous film getaway chases.

Winona’s antics, John C. Reilly’s face, Giovanni Ribisi’s slouching, haha! Perfection! Ohhhh, Winona. You rebel. Demigoddess. Sparkplug. Heather slayer. The OG – Original Goth. Lol. I too want to channel the spirit of rock-n-roll!

pic1 (2)

pic3 (2)
Mara: “What this outfit makes me think of  – if Joey Ramone was a girl in 2017.” Lol. Goals!!

pic4 (2)

pic5 (2)

pic2A (2)

The Inspiration: A reminder how powerful a simple red shirt is.



WINONA FOREVER! Johnny Depp tattooed it on his arm when they were the Power Couple of the 90s, then he changed it to Wino Forever, lol, now I have no idea what he has, maybe Wi-Not Marry Gold-Digging Women Half Your Age? How old is Johnny now? 54… But, really, Winona Forever is LEGIT. Thank you, Winona, for always being so interesting.

Shopping Links

Basically, wear any deep red shirt and any black pant. But you need a belt that lets people know who’s boss.


Black floral etched belt, $20.

Simple black belt, Urban Outfitters, $29.

Pilgrim buckle belt, Target, $23.

shirtjc (2)redshirt2shirtann

Red shirt, JC Penney, $25.

Red shirt, Express, $60. (For those of us who prefer the quality of menswear.)

Red shirt, Ann Taylor, $70.


Black skinnies, Nordstrom, $68.

topshopbootie (2)

Black bootie, $35.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Who the heck is Jon Spencer? The blues-ologist elbowed out of the way when Nirvana ushered in grunge. Dang bad timing, dude.


These are all Getty photos! I wanna show you this guy but not get in trouble for it! Red + Black = Hot.


Aaaaand…where can I get an ELVIS belt buckle!!? Only in the UK apparently. Boo! Btw, if I was a guy, I’d have sideburns. No doubt about it. Big, hairy, magnificent, mutton-chop, Civil-War-General ones, haha. Booyahhh!

A Little Background Music

You knew it was coming, lol. Take it, Dee Dee!

*Photos of Marcie by Mara Porter

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