Marcie: Career Edition – Caution, Woman At Work

By Marcie Everhart

pic4 (3)

Constructing a gloriously simple career look is about restraint. A muted color palette of wooden beige and milky cream lets the lines speak for themselves, the lines in the textural lacing and side slit of the tunic and the lines in the grosgrain fabric and permanent creases of the pant.

pic2 (2)

A linen and snakeskin purse match tortoiseshell eyeglasses, in the same sophisticated beiges and browns.

pic1 (2)

A pretty patch of prairie grass.

pic6 (2)

A light rose and taupe cameo ring, found in an antique store, features the profile of a Roman warrior. Men wore cameo rings of helmeted Roman-Greco soldiers during the Art Deco period.

These sewn-in pant creases are genius. They split the leg in half down the middle vertically, to make the leg appear thinner.

Shopping Links

When I first purchased this Lauren Ralph Lauren tunic at Dillards, I immediately thought of wearing it with black, because I want to just wear black and white all the time. Then I saw this marketing photo.

whitetunic (2)

You might be able to still find it on racks in finer department stores, in our fast fashion world. But here are some great options online.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Boatneck Top with Lace-Up Sleeves, $70.

lrltop (3)laurentop3alaurentop2a

Lauren Ralph Lauren Boatneck Tunic with Faux-Suede Side Slit, $90.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Boatneck Top with Faux-Suede Shoulder Trim, $94.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Boatneck Top with Faux-Suede Neckline Trim, $34.

chicotop (2)chicostop (2)chicosvest (2)

Chico’s Lace Up Detail Pullover, $79.

Chico’s Tie-Back Shirt, $70.

Chico’s Vest, $75. Women are raving about this vest in product reviews.


Elvi Lace-Up Tunic, Plus Sizes, $138.


Zara Trousers with Front Tie Detail, $40.

onyxring (2)

Vintage 10K Onyx Cameo Ring, 1940s, Size 6, $165.


Antique 10K Sardonyx Cameo Ring, 1800s, Size 5 ½, $325.

A little more about the fascinating history of cameo jewelry.

By the way, all of these prices are changing daily! The tops are swinging wildly from $30s to $90s, depending on what day it is!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic3 (2)

Today it’s hard to find places that capture the natural essence of your home land. Oklahoma in late August is a harsh sun casting shadows in the sticky prairie grasses.

pic8 (2)

Photos were shot at the SkyDance Bridge near downtown Oklahoma City. Perched on the bridge over I-40 is a metal structure that emits different colored lights at night. Its shape represents our state bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher.

A beautiful night photo by Tim Hursley.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes: Take Two

pic9 (2)

Honestly, these double-knit, creased, grosgrain, beige, pull-on pants have a rise that comes up almost to my armpits, because they’re probably 15 years old. But, THEY KEEP MAKING THE CUT. Hey, if the pants look good, wear ‘em. I recently made a concerted effort to replace/update these pants with no success. The options were too long, too tight, too baggy, too thin, too high-maintenance. (You throw these in the washer and dryer – they’re bullet-proof.) Screw it. I’ll be buried in these dang double-knit beige pants. Next!

A Little Background Music

A lot of musicians working the Serious Face here, ;^). Nuthin’ better than a rock-n-roll trombone, tho. Hoo-wee.

*Photos of Marcie by Dale Amlee


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