Suzy: Fashion Icon Part 3 – Girl Fix

By Suzy Gibson

Boy moms are blessed with sweet, rambunctious, smelly creatures that we call our sons. I’m a boy mom, and have no frame of reference of what it is like to have a girl, but it’s okay, because my boys are awesome. But there are those times… times I wish I had a spa partner, or someone to join me on a spur of the moment shopping trip. That is when I crave my girl fix. She will indulge my every whim, enjoy my company and laugh at my jokes. Enter my niece, Audrey, who is more than happy to oblige, and I am more than happy to spoil her. I was there when she was born, watched her grow into ponytails, t-shirts, mismatched flip-flops (yes, this was a thing) and eventually embrace her own style. As she evolved in her fashion choices, she looked to me for advice. Now I look to her. You have learned well, Grasshopper, you have learned well.

Interview with Audrey

Suzy: Who is your celebrity fashion icon and why?

Audrey: My fashion icon is Blake Lively. My favorite thing about Blake also happens to be my favorite thing about myself, her hair. Whether she’s working the beachy waves or has it up in a red-carpet pony, it always looks flawless. Her style to me is always classy, but also daring. She does not shy away from bright colors, bold accessories, or exciting patterns. To me, the key to her look is her confident but carefree attitude. In my own everyday style, I try to remember that holding your head high and giving your walk a little strut can make all the difference.

Suzy: Who is the person in your life that influenced your love of fashion?

Audrey: Ummm, Errr, you! DUH. You taught me the art of applying heat to hair, a truly foreign concept, showed me how to dress more like a girl and how to do it in a way that made me feel comfortable. By the end of high school, I had a newfound confidence in how I looked, a confidence that I have carried with me ever since.

Suzy: Can you share a pivotal moment when you realized that fashion became important to you?

Audrey: My look growing up consisted of t-shirts, tennis shoes, and pony tails. I hated wearing my hair down because it was a half-curly, half-fluffy mess that I couldn’t figure out how to tame. Much like my hair, I just didn’t understand fashion or how to apply it to myself. Though I went many years struggling with style, things began to change around 9th grade. Grandma passed away and per her insistence, you took over my annual birthday weekend. The idea of spending an entire three days with you was a little daunting, but after that weekend our relationship bloomed. Besides gaining one of my best friends, I found a person that would help me to develop into a woman.

Suzy: What would you say your style is, and why?

Audrey: I love flowy dresses and tanks, high-waisted shorts, and jewelry. While I do shop at boutiques like Francesca’s, I learned early on from you how to replicate a great look on a budget. With my strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and somewhat pale skin, I make sure to wear colors that accentuate my features, green being one of my favorites. I am also always down for patterns, especially floral. I inherited your obsession for shoes, so I am forever on the look for heels, wedges, and sandals. A recent development, is my obsession for lipstick. The perfect color can take an outfit from good to great!

Audrey’s Fashion Picks

Open Back Shift Dress.


Off the Shoulder Swing Top.


Harper High Rise Step Hem Jeans.


Audrey and Aunt Suzy


I was there when this girl drifted into my world, making it a brighter place.


I moved her into the dorms at Oklahoma State University and agonized as she went through sorority rush. That process makes me glad I have boys! She happily landed at the Alpha Chi Omega house, and is still close to many of her sisters.


We’ve celebrated MANY holidays together, Halloween being our favorite.


I was with her when she graduated college with a degree in accounting, ready to start the next chapter in her life.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Audrey has moved to the trendy area of Deep Ellum in Dallas to begin her career.  Independence has always been her strength; I can’t wait to see where this girl goes.

A Little Background Music

As mothers, grandmothers, aunts or Godmothers, we should set an example and empower those young women who look up to us, so they can run the world!


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