Marcie: An Explosion of Color

By Marcie Everhart

Wear this shirt to the open-air farmer’s market near you, haha. Then stand by the tomatoes.

pic1 (2)

Then sit by the trumpet vine, pick off a bloom, and gaze meaningfully at it, lol.

pic4 (2)

pic5 (2)

pic2 (2)

pic3 (2)

Seriously, if you snag a crazy-bright-happy floral shirt right now on sale, you can wear it as a layer later between a shimmery tank and a thin cardigan. These warm florals will look fabulous with any shade of beige or brown sweater or jacket, especially a woolly tweed or caramel leather. It’ll be like a never-ending summer in your closet.

To show what I mean, I snapped a quick-pic of the shirt with a caramel leather jacket on my sewing form. (I need to give this mannequin a name! Lol.)


Jeans…the dark denim looks better, especially if there’s the iconic orange thread present, but I would not discount any floral embroidered, faded jeans you may have bought this summer.

My mom lives in an assisted living center where a “jewelry lady” sets up a table on Fridays during lunch. Mom bought two of these awesome, groovy necklaces, one for her and one for me so we could match. :^) I’ll try to get a pic to share with you. As Mara says, you are NEVER too old to dress as a mom-daughter dynamic duo.

Shopping Links

The summer’s Ralph Lauren button-down shirt you might still find in finer department stores on sales racks.


Berry option, Ralph Lauren, $70-$80.


Tie-dye blue option, Ralph Lauren, $45.


The Ralph Lauren options are a gorgeous voile fabric that’s airy and sheer, yet holds saturated colors well, and all are still available in plus sizes (which they call “Lauren Woman” as the category). If the links to the Ralph Lauren website itself go bad soon, search websites of any of the finer department stores that carry the Lauren/ Ralph Lauren line.

Apricot option, $85.


Poppy option, $15.


Peach option, $159.


Oooh, stripe floral, $25.


OMG, Fringed floral! And polka dots. Boom! $35.


Pink or Silver Glitter Belt, Free People, $20.


Sparkly Belt, Boot Barn, $67.

belt1 (2)

Floral Heel, JC Penney, $35.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I really-really need this wind to stop blowing right now!

pic6A (2)

And the tree branches to stop attacking me.

pic7 (2)

A Little Background Music

I’m gonna hold on to summer as long as I can.



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