Marcie: Precious Time

By Marcie Everhart

How many more times will we have the chance to wear summer’s lacy tops and leather sandals? I find myself hurrying to photograph warm-weather outfits that I’d like to share with you before that proverbial window closes Labor Day.

pic2 (2)
I wanted to photograph this outfit at my family’s old produce house in the historic Farmer’s Market in Oklahoma City, where I ran around as a kid amid the chaos of Saturday mornings. This former supplier for the city’s restaurants began by my great-grandfather is now a successful organic grocery store.

A frilly top of white lace, embroidered flowers and vines, bell sleeves and a ruffled hem is paired with solid brown straps of leather in an interesting combination of feminine and masculine, fancy and practical.

pic5 (2)
I clearly remember how cold it was with the wind whipping through the open bays while I sat on a crate bundled in a coat, wishing my grandfather would shut up talking so we could go home and be warm! My Christmas stocking was always filled with peanuts and ribbon candy from “the market.”

I purchased the Lapis top at Dillard’s one or two months ago, and the pants from Forever 21 several years ago. This could be viewed as a high-low mix, sort of like dusty peanuts and shiny ribbon candy. ;^)

pic3 (2)
One of my grandfather’s favorite stories involved him driving his ailing father to Rush Springs to pick up a load of watermelons. He was 12 at the time.

pic4 (2)

pic10 (2)
My grandfather’s biggest competitor was “that damned Tommy Tonaka.” Lol. Ivy now grows on the sides of the Tanaka Produce building.

pic8 (2)

pic9 (2)

pic1 (2)
The area is seeing an exciting revival with restaurants, bars, food trucks, regular and special events. I had a life-changing omelet at the Power House (really located inside the area’s former power house!) made with fresh vegetables purchased from the neighbors.

Shopping Links

You might find the top on an end-of-summer rack at Dillard’s or its like, but here’s some other online options.

dillardscvtop (2)–violet-lace-floral-embroidered-bell-sleeve-top/507228245?




I purchased the Franco Sarto sandals in whiskey leather at the Nordstrom anniversary sale a few weeks ago, and you might find a few pair still left. Here’s a Franco Sarto option.


The Old Navy belt is ancient, lol. Here’s a very cool Fossil option, with etched foliage on the buckle.

belt (2)

The long strand of red beads is a new favorite thing purchased at a local boutique. Mine measures 54 inches and can be looped twice, the first loop close to the neck like a 1920s flapper, if you want. This Etsy option is 55 inches.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pic6 (2)

How I set up shots. Ha! I frame the shot using the husband as my stunt double, explain the image I’m trying to capture as I set all the gadgetry, then we quickly trade places and he pushes the button. Many times, because hair, wind, people wandering into the background. He’s a pretty patient guy.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes Take 2

DSC_0006 (2)

An old family photo of my great-grandfather, two of his sons, and the many men who worked for him gathered on the front dock.

A Little Background Music


  1. We were just there on Sunday buying plants at the end of season. I had no idea this was your family’s business. Your kinda famous!!! Oh yeah, I dig those pants. A fun way to be a part of the coming khaki trend.


  2. Famous — yeah! Lol. After my grandfather’s nephew passed away, the family business shut down and the building was abandoned for many years. I don’t know the family now making a go of the organic grocery store, but they’re doing a fantastic job. It’s bittersweet for me to walk the docks because I really miss my grandfather.


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