Suzy: Diary of a Sixth-Grade Ginger

By Suzy Gibson

On a cold November day, 1979, I stood on the playground watching the sixth-grade “popular girls” playing four-square with my coat zipped up, mitten clips and scarf doubled around my neck. Oh how I longed to be a part of that group, but I was painfully shy and awkward. Nevertheless, I was determined, and decided to enlist my one and only “popular girl” friend, Kim.

Suzy:      Can you help me?

Kim:       With what?

Suzy:       I want to be popular but don’t know how, can you show me?

As Kim mulled this over, my heart was beating and all I could think was “oh PLEASE make me a popular girl, oh PLEASE!”

Kim:       *SIGH* OK, first thing you never ever zip up your coat, no matter how cold it is, and for heaven’s sake, lose the mitten clips!

I was in! Kim was going to help me and she did. She is the reason I have a love for fashion and still have an aversion to zippers. We used to pour over Seventeen magazine looking for the latest teen trend (and Cosmopolitan when our mothers weren’t looking!). The point is, we all start somewhere with fashion, whether you love it, tolerate it or hate it. That’s OK, everyone has a relationship with clothes, and mine started on the playground in 1979, when I met my first fashion “icon.”

A Fashion Interview with Kim

Suzy:     Who is your fashion icon and why?

Kim:       I have two celebrity fashion icons, for two very different reasons. The traditional-realist Kim would choose Diane Keaton. She is classy, traditional and has a tailored look. Plus she can rock the “tomboy” look. The wannabe Kim would choose the fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw! Why? Because every gal has a little Carrie in her. She can be hip, adventurous, romantic and girl-next-door.


Suzy:     Who is the person in your life that influenced your love of fashion?

Kim:       That would be my mother and my Grannie, two of the classiest women I have ever known.


Suzy:     Can you share a pivotal moment when you realized that fashion became important to you?

Kim:       I can’t remember a time that fashion wasn’t important. I have always LOVED clothes and tried my best to dress fashionably. Every summer my Grannie would set me up with a back-to-school wardrobe and help me “decide” which items were deemed appropriate for a young lady.

Suzy:     What would you say your style is, and why?

Kim:       Probably traditional trendy. I love leggings and tunics for work; kimonos and capris with open-toed sandals when I am hanging out with my tribe. I also love a good statement piece of jewelry!

Suzy:     Do you have any stories about our childhood you remember when you helped me with fashion choices?

Kim:       Well, obviously the time I told you to unzip your jacket. Lol! One of my favorite outfits was the one you wore when we had one of our many “mother/daughter” birthday lunches, a white sleeveless top and black-and-white toile capris. Super cute!

Kim’s Fashion Picks

Multi Floral Print Cuffed Cardigan


Cold Shoulder Micromodal Top


Kendra Scott Rayne Long Necklace


Tasseled Mixed Bead Necklace


Tie-Sleeve Embroidered-Eyelet Contrast Border Tunic


High-Low Tunic


Knit Pull-On Leggings


Boot Cut Crop Pants


Kim and Suzy Through the Ages

We started as young girls together…


Graduated high school together…


Served as Maid of Honor in each other’s wedding…


Had some questionable hair styles…


Had children together…


Celebrated every birthday together since we were nine years old…


Traveled together…




And have consumed a whole lotta wine!



A Little Background Music

This makes me happy on so many levels. I love this little girl!


  1. From the feathers on your Senior pictures ….and the Farrah Fawcett hairstyles…oh my goodness I’m remembering back in time along with you! Back to school and Seventeen magazine…August was always a wonderful time to plan and dream! ❤️


  2. I love this blog. I remember all of these different faises of your lives. It makes me happy that you two are still best friends. I know you always will be. I miss our annual mother/daughter lunches with Emily. I know she is looking down at us though and knowing that someday we will do it again. My Mom was definitely my fashion inspiration. She was the best and I am so glad it rubbed off on Kimi and me. You both have very good taste and I am so glad because some girls your age definitely do not!!!


  3. Every time I get around Kim and Suzy they are always so fashionably dressed and classy! I absolutely love Kim’s look because I dress so similar to her!! While teaching all day, I am always wearing leggings with tunics and kimonos. It is comfortable, easy & dressy all while still giving me the chance to move around a lot with my students. Loved reading this article about two wonderful ladies who inspire me to continue to keep caring about the latest fashion trends!


  4. Awesome read as usual. I loved the pictures through the years. I don’t remember a time when you didn’t look fabulous, so Kim did a great job getting you going!


  5. Wow! This was so fun to read! It makes me want to call all my grade school/high school friends and reminisce! I honestly can’t imagine Suzy ever needing help being popular or dressing perfectly! Keep these blogs coming I love reading them!


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