Marcie: 5 Ways to Wear Summer’s Black/White Gingham

By Marcie Everhart

Take 1: Like a Rockabilly Babe

With your 3-row pyramid stud belt, white skinnies (today’s version of the 1950s slim cigarette pant), and a tall mule.

porch1 (2)

porch2 (2)

If I could pull off an Amy Winehouse beehive do, I would.
porch3 (3)
I can throw in a Native American beaded cuff for more geometry.
img001 (2)
I was inspired by a photo in an old fashion magazine combining a gingham bikini and a pyramid studded jacket, intrigued by the 2D and 3D duplication of “white squares” on a black background.

Take 2: Like a Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Church Lady

With yellow lace, a summer bonnet, and a long strand of jet beads, as seen in a previous post here:


Take 3: Like a Super Nerd

With flat, brown oxford lace-ups and a matching belt. Never underestimate the magic of brown and black together, with brown taking the edge off black, and black toughening up the brown. It sends two messages (tough but friendly) and both are good.

glass1 (2)

glass3 (2)

glass2 (2)

BTW, I do think these shorts are too short for my age. They don’t feel wrong to me because the club where I play tennis requires official tennis attire for the ladies, and those skirts and dresses are this same length. Context is everything, though. I’d never wear these shorts to a company picnic or a PTA meeting, lol, but being a dork in my own backyard, sure.

Take 4: Like a Festive Picnic Basket Liner

With bottoms in black-and-white gingham as well, size of pattern matters not. Just the more, the merrier. Add straw basket and a summery heel and RED BEADS.

boxcar1 (2)

boxcar2 (2)

boxcar3 (2)

Take 5: Like a Melodramatic Soap Opera Star

With teeny-tiny powder blue skinny pants, bright mango espadrilles, and a hangover lethal enough to give you amnesia.

belmont3 (2)
I may or may not be hungover in this picture. I don’t even need to be hungover to feel hungover these days. #belmonthoteldallas #thehemingwaywardcocktail #itonlycomesasadouble #modelingisharddammit #alcoholhelps #ornot

belmont1 (2)

When styling it with more black or white just feels predictable, toss in summery hues of blue and orange, because they are opposite of each other on the color wheel, because they are hot and cold, a wave of Caribbean water and a mango-papaya fruity cocktail.

belmont5 (2)

Shopping Links

Now the hard part – finding a basic shirt design that isn’t ruffles, bell sleeves, or cold-shoulders. I bought this last spring I think at JC Penney, that Arizona line, or maybe it was the Sonoma line at Kohls. Again, this short girl looks overwhelmed by a lot of frou-frou, so I gravitate toward simple, basic lines.



A plus-size option at Nordstrom:


The plain shirt is tough to find! So here’s an elegant subdued bell sleeve at White House Black Market.


Because you may need a black-and-white gingham skort in your life, too.


The black, block-heel “Marcella” sandal from Target that was given my name! So I was supposed to have these, yep. Don’t you love when they give girl names to shoe designs!


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

With a cowboy hat and a cow…

DSC_0426 (3)

With a black split skirt and more BROWN…

Dove (2)

I’ve been working on this post since March, lol. The photos literally span FIVE months. I have enjoyed this print and worn the heck out of it all summer long. And imagine how perfect it will be as a fall transition piece with a Native American shawl and black bootie, or a brown corduroy pant and black belt, or with a plaid red scarf thrown around the shoulders. This shirt is ETERNAL.

A Little Background Music

Did you know “Take Five” had lyrics???! This song remains the biggest-selling jazz single of all time. Perfect for the gingham print, which has been around since the 1600s and spans the globe. Fun fact: In Indonesia, it symbolizes the battle between good and evil.


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