Suzy: Retail Therapy

By Suzy Gibson

It’s a sunny Saturday morning, the birds are chirping, there is a gentle breeze in the air and my falsies have been applied. I leave the house 10:45 sharp to meet my compadres for a glorious day of my favorite activity… SHOPPING!!! This would be my first excursion with Marcie, which was extra exciting because she was getting initiated into the world we like to call “Poodle and Muffin’s Day-O-Fun.” Mara and I have been friends since 7th grade; we have established shopping rituals. We know what a Day-O-Fun entails and there is no hesitation. We are like a red-headed tank, plowing into the retail world.

First stop is Brunch at VZD’s in Oklahoma City, hmmmm….. I believe a red beer would complement my veggie quiche perfectly, don’t you think? As we map out our day, we discuss how shopping has evolved for each of us. For me, I prefer smaller boutique stores, Cato, Maurice’s, Francesca’s and local haunts such as the Black Scintilla, and Craig’s Curious Emporium; I LOATHE the mall. I never thought I would say that since I lived for it when I was a teenager, but my taste has evolved and I am more purposeful when I shop, so let me explain. I find the smaller boutiques are less crowded, and the customer service is much more personable. In addition, I feel very strongly about supporting local businesses if I can, and if possible, meeting the owners of the store. Now, I know that Goodwill is not a boutique, but I fear Mother Nature, who insists that I repurpose and recycle…. see? Purposeful!

The quiche is gone, red beers are drained, and now it’s time…. time for Marcie’s initiation (I gotta find a nickname for her) into “Poodle and Muffin’s Day-O-Fun!”

pic1 (2)

Ms (2)

picg (2)

Brunch begins the day providing fuel, and time to map out a plan of attack. A Day-O-Fun should be spent in an outfit that you can easily get in and out of. Trying on clothes gets tiring… seriously, taking it off, putting it on… taking it off…. I need a cocktail now. I chose a denim mini skirt, an oversized tee, Converse and a bandeau. Easy in and easy out, plus the bandeau is strapless so if I try anything on that is off the shoulder, I don’t have to worry about the outfit being obstructed by straps.

Denim Skirt at Target:|plp|top_sellers|plp|51674517|2

Red Bandeau:


Twist Neck Band Heather Gray Top

Micheal Kors MK60289 Sunglasses:


pic2 (2)
I do not normally carry two purses, but I was Poodle’s assistant while she posed for photos in her peacock cape. Oh LORDY, you should have seen all the heads she turned (insert whistles and cat calls!).


Marcie recommended Bone Dust Cowgirl on the Paseo, and I was over-the-moon happy. We got to meet the owner, and basically took over the shop for an hour. This place has such an eclectic mixture of merchandise. There is unique jewelry that you will never find anywhere else, vintage t-shirts, jeans, hats, dresses and some pretty badass boots. My big score was a Morris the Cat t-shirt with a fringe kimono.

pic4 (2)

picd (2)

Stairs (2)

picf (2)

This little dress was too short for daily wear, but PERFECT as a swimsuit cover-up. I loved the boots, but alas, they were WAY too big.

pica (2)

As much as I dig a vintage dress, I could not get this one zipped in the back. My take-away from this dress is that I need to wear more baby blue… I LOVE this color!

picb (2)

This is what I saw: my grandma’s coffee coat. This is what Mara saw: a fabulous dress she could totally style up. This is what Marcie saw: a great photo op. This is why I love us; we have different perspectives, but still totally in tune with each other. I believe at this point, Marcie was a little scared…

pic3 (2)

Next stop on our Day-O-Fun is Jonque Mode. This fabulous little boutique was where I found my next score, not to mention impeccable customer service. Oh lordy how I wanted the fabulous pink shoes, but alas, I had to budget. If you are looking for some fabulous shoes to invest in, this is the place, hands down.

picc (2)

I did score the “Little Duster Who Could.” I knew exactly when and where I would be wearing this, just not sure what I would wear it with. The tassels came in several colors, so I would have no problem finding something in my closet to pair it with.

pic5 (2)

This always happens. We plan to hit three to four stores, and only end up being able to get in two. I love to get caught up in the zone. I become focused and able to see potential in just about anything. Wait until you see what I am going to do with Morris the Cat!

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

pice (2)

The end of Poodle and Muffin’s Day-O-Fun spent on the Paseo. Marcie survived, and she is officially initiated. Note that even though Mara has on platforms, I am still taller than her…. it bugs her, so that’s why I mentioned it…. heehee…..

A Little Background Music

This is a no-brainer. Madonna is one hot middle-aged babe!

I know this isn’t a music video, but it made me laugh!


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