Shelley: Life Simplified

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart

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An embroidered peasant top and the on-trend Adidas sneaker is an easy summer pairing that’s simple and superb.

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Shelley plays with the soft versions of orange and blue in a pairing of colors opposite on the color wheel, both warm and cool. Colors that are “complementary,” or opposite each other, are especially pleasing and dynamic together. An interesting discussion here about using complementary colors to decorate a room can be expanded to fresh ideas about ways to style your clothes.


She uses varying blue shades of embroidering thread as a bridge between the lighter blue in the top and necklace and the darker blue of the denim jean.

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Adi Dassler registered the famous three-stripes design of his shoe in 1949.

Shopping Links

Any peasant top and any sneaker will work, just use color as the connection.

The Gazelle Adidas in Vapor Pink, a throwback archival hue. Nordstrom’s, $80.

shoe (2)

Zara top with a pink connection, $40.


Free People, $168.


The Gazelle Adidas in Scarlet, at same Nordstrom’s link.

red2 (2)

Free People top, $198.


Anthropologie, $118.


Catalog Classics, with both pink and red connections, $35.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

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Shelley’s home is filled with the happy, simple, colorful art of Julia Briggs, a young Dallas artist. This piece is one of her earlier works and features a mama and her baby and her man on his horse, and they live in a pink house. The woman is given a cubist treatment, to emphasize that our memory of a loved one’s face is made up of many angles and moments in time.

Use the Power of Three: Shelley’s top features three large pink hibiscus blooms on the bodice, the shoe has three iconic stripes, and Julia’s art often follows three sisters as its subject.


Last Butterfly Dance of the Season


Winter Sisters


Mermaid Island


Russian Sisters

A link to more from this wonderful artist…

A Little Background Music

Hit the Don’t Matter button when you start over-thinking it.

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