Shelley: Cherry Bomb

By Shelley Graham

with commentary by Editor Marcie Everhart


A thin red stripe fabric with an intricate red-rimmed eyelet treatment, scalloped hem and a frill of a short sleeve come together in a summer-celebrating top. Shelley combines it with a white skinny jean and bursts of more festive color at her feet and waist.


Fireworks exploding in the sky, cherry popsicles, bead and macrame projects at summer camp, sun-reflecting white clothing — everything we love most about summer in full-swing.


Eyelet is the greatest summer idea — beautiful interest and ventilation! Color sizzles even more set against a clean white, creating high contrast.

Red2 (3)

The necklace with stringed tiny red beads duplicates shape and color from the top.


Shopping Links

The red eyelet top is from Zara, $40, and features a back teardrop opening.


We’ve talked about Shelley’s wool, hand-embroidered belts from South America extensively here in this previous post, with shopping links:

They simply dazzle the eye, are very affordable and support craftswomen in developing countries.

Shelley’s playful shoe is Sam Edelman, purchased last summer and well-loved. That man really knows how to do summer.

shoe (2)

But, there are newer options available. This for $42.


And this for $63.

shoe3 (2)

Sam’s a fascinating story — he’s been the man behind the shoes at Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, Esprit, Sam & Libby. Three times this entrepreneur has looked at his wife and said “I think we may lose our house.” Today when he sees someone wearing his shoes, he introduces himself. BUY THIS MAN’S SHOES, I love his keep-bouncing-back attitude.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

There’s an adorable set of chairs in Shelley’s home — a stylish, shapely ode to femininity for the wife…

Real (2)

and the grandpa Barcalounger for the husband…


Compromise is reality and can be just right. #thethreebears

A Little Background Music

Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has a new album out! There’s a song called Cherry Bomb on it! And it’s smokin’!!!

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