Marcie: New Mexico Part 4 – Less is More

By Marcie Everhart


I’m in the mood for black and white, a stripped down minimalism. Let the emphasis be the fringed edge of a white summer pant, the soft matte black leather of a jacket, a white leather strip of a bracelet. Straight lines that become curved ones…

You want the heel height, but not the pain… behold the flatform, not the platform.

Sometimes I wonder if the clothes are wearing me instead of the other way around. I think it happens sometimes with bright color and fussy detail on a short girl. I don’t worry about that with black and white.

bandwcloseup (2)
A found feather.

bandw3 (2)

bandw4.jpg (2)

Cotton (2)
Cotton from the cottonwood trees, floating in the air in Taos like fluffy snowflakes.
Black and white = elemental.

window (2)

Shopping Links

The husband’s shirt. Nothing is safe from me. Express, $60, the “Modern Fit” option.


The jacket, soft as butter.


Ugh. Sold out. A vegan option at Target, $40.


Free People, $128.


White flared cropped jeans, $42.


White “flatform” shoe, Diba LONDON.

whiteshoe (2)

Sold out. An option at ASOS, $35.


White bracelet, Express, sold out. The closest they have to it, $15.


Etsy to the rescue, $6 plus shipping $4.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes



While the kiddies clamor for attention with their loud clothing, I’ll be sitting here sipping my tea like the grown-up woman I am.

Photos were taken at El Monte Sagrado resort in Taos, “the sacred mountain.”


This woman’s face glowed in the quiet dark of my room at night…all the color just faded away and left only her shining beauty.


Oh, dear – that frisky ponies picture…replaced with the lady one after this promo pic, obviously, snort. This is the caballo casita.

A Little Background Music

Maybe something from Jack White (“when I say nothing, I say everything”), or any version of Black Coffee? Nah. Do the unexpected. This video only begins to explain my love affair with black and white.

I’ve only recently been introduced to the music of Ms. Gardot – so we have to have TWO! Good God, she’s amazing. I can’t stop watching her videos. Yes, your heart is as black as night.


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