Shelley: Blurring the Lines

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart


A herringbone pattern on a beachy, linen drawstring pant and a tie-dye pattern on a floating sheer top blur the lines between casual and dressy dressing, making the combination perfect for all occasions. Shelley keeps it polished with a coral tank underneath and floral platforms with a little height.

Gray5 (2)

A summer evening out beckons.

Gray2 (2)

Gray3 (2)

Gray4A (2)

By pairing the two pieces together, we get a nice repeat of strings tied in a bow at the neckline and waistline. Shelley “ties” the outfit together with soft black and white color.

Gray6 (2)

The vertical lines at the bottom and the horizontal lines at the top create a super strong, flattering silhouette for Shelley. This is old-school Clothing Selection 101 using stripes to guide the eye, and a wide, dark stripe falling exactly where you want to appear smaller.

Gray7 (2)

Shopping Links

The Herringbone Stripe Linen Ankle Pant by Athleta (GAP), $84. Soft and washable, with a gently tapered leg and adjustable cuff to get just the right drape on your frame.


The Avery Tie-Dye top by Gypsy Junkies features billowy sleeves, an adjustable neckline, and a beautiful gradient design. Available in Merlot and Smoky Slate. $68.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

You may notice the bottom band of Shelley’s top is dark while the company model’s is light. Why? I don’t know! TIE-DYE, I guess! They’re both good, though. Btw, this is a lot different than the tie-dye t-shirts I used to make with my kids in the backyard. :^) – Marcie

A Little Background Music

Shelley chose this amazingly soulful video for this post, shot in black-and-white, that is so relaxed, and romantic, and sweet. This is a newly signed artist from her neck of the woods in Texas, Leon Bridges, and the title song from his 2015 debut album, Coming Home, which was a Top 10 Most Viral Track on Spotify. I can’t get enough. Just grab somebody already and start slow-dancing.

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