Marcie: Cat-Woman

By Marcie Everhart

Emma1 (2)

I’m so not a ‘cat’ person. But my cat would tell you “that’s fine, because I’m not a ‘person’ cat.” I’ve had her ten years, but only seen her about two of them because she lives under the bed mostly. Emma ventures out only on occasion to destroy Christmas trees, chew up new sandals or hack up something special in the front entryway before guests arrive. She’s such a killjoy that she cracks me up. Sister is moody.

She’s the color of a warm, low campfire on a chilly autumn evening, right before it turns to soft ash. Doesn’t she look presh?

A friend, who found her living in her woodpile around Halloween, said you have to take this tiny, motherless baby, she needs you, winter’s coming! I’d never owned a cat before and it didn’t dawn on me that some of them are FERAL. She weighed one pound and was covered with fleas, mites and grime. I almost drowned her and scarred me in the kitchen sink cleaning her up. I haven’t tried that since.


This 1970s double-knit polyester shirt found in a vintage store made me think of her. I wish there were more options for exciting optical effects and powerful color combinations in new clothing. This “shirt” is more like a bulletproof jacket, purrr-fect for trying to love on the cat.

Emma3sun.jpg (2)

Somehow we’ve gotten ten years down the road together and have made a little progress in our relationship. She now glares at me occasionally, blinking slowly, which in cat language means I love you, I think. And she loves to hide away in books as much as I do!

Emma 3

Emma4 (2)

She used to sleep in my hair at night, using it like a nest, but she’s been mad at me the last six years for bringing home a dog. Girl can hold a grudge!

Sam coming home and being greeted by his new sister. Their first family portrait.
Emma7 (2)
She’s actually hissing here.

A simple caramel belt duplicates the horizontal stripes in the shirt.

Emma6 (2)

These striped platforms have been sitting in my closet waiting for this shirt to come along.


I never wear this old enamel butterfly cloisonné necklace because it hangs at the wrong length for me. I used a little safety pin in the back, threaded through the chain’s loops, to make it hang in just the right spot.

Emma9 (2)

Shopping Links

The shorts, JC Penney, $25.


My striped espadrille wedge, looooong gone, in the colors of my tortoise-shell calico cat.


Similar ones follow, short or tall, whatever works for you.

Ralph Lauren, $79.


Michael Antonio, $51.


Vince Stefania, $118.


Sam Edelman, $32.


Stunning soft gold stripe, Tommy Hilfiger, $48 on Amazon.


$45 right now on the Belk website.

1970s vintage, polyester shirt in eye-popping optics, similar. Come on, let your freak flag fly. Bird shirt, $40, Wanelo.


Do not adjust your set – a psychedelic, $46, Wanelo.


Geometric with MOONGLOW buttons, Etsy, $22.


A plaid-daisy-geometric thing, gah, Etsy, $25.


Okay, basically, anything from Vintage Vixen on Etsy, April Ainsworth, who claims to have pioneered the sale of vintage clothing online in 1997. Her average review on Etsy is a full five stars with 2370 reviews.

Free People has some new shirts in FUN, bold prints, $60.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

There is so much Real-Real with Emma, where to start, man.

RealReal (2)

There’s Band-aids as a fashion accessory – no humans were harmed in the making of this blog post unless you count me, and my bleeding felt very Real-Real.


I’m outnumbered. Or maybe Em feels outnumbered by all the touchy-feely happy beings she needs to escape.


Frankly, I love Emma because she is so unlovable. Who doesn’t feel like lashing out, hissing or hiding away every once in a while. Okay, a lot of the time, maybe, ha. She’s so defiant, everything must be on her terms. She refuses to let you judge her by your expectations. She just is who she is.

She’s not cuddly, but she’s mine. And she’s awesome.

A Little Background Music

Yeah, we group-discussed this. We flew right by Stray Cat Strut and Cat Scratch Fever and landed somewhere in Tom-Jones Land, and my mom’s favorite song is that bad boy crooning “What’s New Pussycat?” in his pervy way. But it didn’t excite me, ya’ know? My favorite grunge-punk-rock-whatev girl band of the last few years has a new song that sums up perfectly my and Emma’s attitude about certain things. These independent-minded young women crawled into my head and wrote my theme song from the random pieces lying around on the floor. They make me smile more. :^)

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