Shelley: Cactus, Camisoles, and Coming to the Rescue

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart

cactusA (2)

Bright green cactus and tiny fuchsia flowers pop up on a summer sweater with an open-weave texture reminiscent of a white sand desert. Shelley styles it with her favorite hot pink skinny jeans, beaded cactus necklace, and sugar pink bow sandals, BUT most importantly, a hot pink camisole underneath to save the garment from being too revealing. Camisoles can rescue almost any over-fifty fashion situation.

cactusB (2)

(Tip: Vary the fabric of the camisole from the garment to go over it, and the two will not cling to each other. If the outside garment is knit, wear a cotton cami under. If the outside garment is cotton, make the cami knit. Boom! They drape beautifully together.)

cactusD (2)

cactusC (2)

CactusE (2)

cactusB1 (2)

One of the biggest passions in Shelley’s life is the rescue of distressed animals, and she is the one who asked if we could do a series of stories on our over-fifty fashion blog with a rescue theme. “As you guys know, I have a heart for the rescue animals,” she explained. Her experience with rescuing began with Lola, who has been a part of Shelley’s family now for 11 years. They think Lola is about 12.


Her other babies are Dexter, nine months old when Shelley rescued him, now about five years old…


And Stella, the feral cat who likes to hide away in tiny places…

41149983- (4)

Then Shelley upped her involvement game, lol. “Five years ago I started volunteering for the Denton Human Society, and I help with about five different fundraisers a year. Calloway’s Nursery lets us use their store for Pictures with Santa, Easter Pet Pictures, and Valentine’s Love Pet Pictures. Our biggest event is Barktoberfest, obviously in October at a park in Denton, TX. We have costume contests, wienie eating contests, cake walks (or sits), etc.”


This Bearded Dragon came to have his picture taken with Santa, and the event was so busy, Shelley had to call husband Brad for more hands on deck!

Shopping Link

The cuddly cactus summer sweater is from Show Me Your Mumu.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Shelley’s canine fan club approves! We here at Forever 51 think everyone should be lucky enough to have their own canine fan club, who look at you with love and adoration no matter what you are wearing that day.

A Little Background Music

Ah, yes…the power of love. It is a curious thing. These dang critters have the super power of bringing so much love into your life.


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