Marcie: New Mexico Part 3 — Lost in the Sauce

By Marcie Everhart

Aren’t all those summer tops romantic and dramatic right now with their off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, cold-shoulder, whatever shoulder kind of smolder. (And some of us may be a little confused about what exactly is the shoulder, lol!) All I can think is what are they wearing under THERE?!!


Where they bra?!

I know I’m not glue-ing a stick-on bra on me, no matter how much wine Suzy makes me drink! ( ) Nor do I want to revisit my early 20s with those strapless contraptions that crisscross over your rib cage. Those are like five bras in one just to make it seem “strapless” on top. Man, screw that.

Then I found this pretty thing.


I think it can look cool, without having to defy gravity. I don’t know any 50+ woman that the top of the arm is not beautiful…it’s the under part that’s going south fast! And I can wear a bra with it — look at that big, wide strap! Thankyouverymuch! Below is me trying to figure out what to pack for a New Mexico vacation and still rock in my granny foundations.


I wore that pretty top all over one day in New Mexico, from Ojo Caliente to the Gorge to Taos. It looks sweet on the veranda at Ojo with jeans rolled up and flat, rope-y sandals.




Still sweet for an old-fashioned car vacation.



May 5th turned into Cinco de Mayo in Taos! I unrolled the jeans, added a cowboy boot, grabbed a white denim jacket, and headed out in the slanted evening sun in search of tequila.

Wait a minute — we’re distracted by HAT shopping!

IMG_0146 (2)IMG_0147 (2)IMG_0150

Now we’re distracted by weird OWLS in windows.


Distracted again, by all the blue doors and windows!



They paint all the doors and windows this shade of blue to keep out evil spirits! Speaking of which, will we ever find the tequila?! YES, and an amazing, life-changing green chili stew! (The Gorge Bar and Grill on the plaza is where it’s at!)

Where was I? Oh, yes, the CLOTHES! The whole point of all this rambling is there are options out there for the older woman with all this shoulder nonsense! Make it sweet or make it spicy; make it work it for you.

Shopping Links

Same story, different verse. The top was purchased at Dillard’s end of April and was gone from their website within two weeks. But a cold-shoulder with wider straps is everywhere!

Banana Republic, $78.


Express, $50.


Chico’s, $50. This was on sale recently for $29, and I’m sure will be again.


Chico’s, $39, but on sale recently for $28.


My top is by Sugar + Lips, but isn’t to be found on their website! Like it never existed! It’s the Lost Blue Peasant Blouse. But this one is all over the site and featured in their seasonal lookbook. It’s not cold-shoulder, but I love the blueberry fringe and tassels so much. It’s the same top as mine, but a different sleeve and fabric used in the body. $48.


top4 (2)

Let’s talk about these jeans! You can’t wear a skinny jean over a cowboy boot! And a bootleg cut is too much fabric for a short girl sometimes. The straight-leg. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with it. #oldschool Mine are GAP from a couple of years back, because I found a cut/style/design/whatever at GAP (1969, described as “vintage-inspired”) that was perfect for petite me and just kept re-ordering that same vintage-y straight-leg jean.

The wheel has turned again, and GAP no longer has a 1969 line, but they still have a straight-leg option, $70.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

I recently read in a book this introduction of a character: “Blonde shiny hair, huge blue eyes…who the rest of us can blame for why the peasant top will never go out of style.” YES!! Hate that b****! Kidding. I just want to be her for one sultry, summer moment.

A Little Background Music

“She gives me jalapeno loving…”

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