Shelley: Your BFF Shirt — Best Frond Forever!

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart


Slices of peachy pink layered among dark green and bronze palm leaves create an eye-popping shirt from Show Me Your Mumu. Shelley styles it with Zara jeans embroidered with clusters of pink and red flowers on the legs and a floral wool belt hand-embroidered with the same hues.


Jungle5 sunscreen.jpg

The bronze and gold undertones in the shirt provide the perfect canvas for gold or rose gold jewelry. Shelley is wearing a Catherine Page necklace that was a gift from a dear friend in Denver, a sparkling young woman named Nisha.




Shelley bought her first wool, hand-embroidered floral belt while visiting Ecuador, and has since begun collecting them with a passion from different sources. The one she is wearing, pictured third from the top, was purchased through Sundance.

Shopping Links

The description of the Peachy Palm shirt on the Show Me Your Mumu website mentions the slight bell sleeve that is “ideal for salad bars.” (I have long been a fan of the Land’s End catalogue old-school advertising copy writers, and Show Me Your Mumu is carrying on that great tradition of brilliant ad copy!) “Casual chic with a touch of elegance,” indeed.


The embroidered mid-rise skinny jean from Zara features the Helen Embroidery pattern and is only $50.


Sundance offers many beautiful options for the Peruvian wool, hand-crafted belts in the $30-$70 range, made possible by artist Jenny Krauss, who works with the craftswomen of Peru to support and empower them. These belts are made with centuries-old Andean weaving and embroidery techniques.


Translucent, teardrop-shaped crystals glow in Catherine Page’s jeweled creations, among other interesting bits. This is another vendor you’ll want to put your money behind. A Texan who was once a Medieval art history graduate student, she hopes her designs “reflect the shimmering truth of who you are.” Her online lookbooks are worth a look.

necklace (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Shelley wears the outfit to her last Mom’s Day at a university where son Jack just graduated, looking fabulous and stunning as his over-fifty mom.

A Little Background Music

We called the first photo of this story “The Pioneer Woman” shot, because the pampas grass looks so much like the “waving wheat” where we come from, lol! And our ancestral pioneer womenfolk could birth them babies, plant the crops, and then fry the bacon up in the pan, ;^) cuz she’s a wooo-man, W-O-M-A-N! And we knew this from when we were young girls because those Enjoli perfume commercials told us so! Ha!

So you know I’m digging up an oldie from under a rock. Peggy Lee stood tallest on everything she ever did…except I LOVE this Natalie Cole version. I forgot how down and dirty pretty girl could get! Natalie was feelin’ it! Ohhhh!! Help yourself!! Lol. #shoopitonemoretime Do yourself a favor and watch-listen to this video right now.

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