Marcie: New Mexico Part 2 – Muy Caliente!

By Marcie Everhart

An email to fellow Forever 51 girls last day of April: “I went out to look for a pretty, fluffy sun-dress to take to New Mexico for my little vacay and had ZERO luck with that. But I found some tops that I’m doing flips over. I can’t wait to wear them in New Mexico. I’m gonna be like a Mexican peasant-Navajo-gunslinger. Let me just say: there will be bandannas. I’m most excited about a knit tee that looks like dark denim. I cannot get enough denim. I need a denim intervention.”

I’m obsessed with denim work-shirts, want to wear them all the time, and especially with white jeans, white shorts, white prairie skirts. Just kidding about the last one. Ha! But you get the idea. However, they’re sorta heavy and too hot for the summer…then I found a thin, stretchy t-shirt that LOOKS LIKE DENIM. And it came with a fabulous scarf! What a cool BASIC.


Purchased at Dillard’s the last day of April, and it’s already gone from their website. You might be able to find it on the racks at random store locations, though.

So I loaded up my new tops and pointed my old truck westward on I-40 and drove what was once the old Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque to meet up with a friend and have this New Mexico, “wandering from here to there” vacation. The first destination was Ojo Caliente, a mineral springs resort and spa an hour north of Santa Fe. Once a hippie hangout in the desert-mountains, the resort has become a New Age-y whisper zone where people soak in the different mineral waters, play in the mud, do yoga, and walk the labyrinth hidden back in the trees. IT WAS SPECTACULAR! No Internet, no cell phones, no annoying people with cameras, no screaming kids, no unruly angry crowds, none of that. I did take a few photos at the front gate.







Shopping Links

Can we find similar options? Not really…companies need to jump on this! Like it’s revolutionary — summer denim, lol. Here’s some maybes.

Loft, Chambray Flutter Shell, $54.50.


Anthropologie, Dip-Dyed Buttondown, $148.


A great one also from Anthropologie in the darker wash you want, Embroidered Chambray Top, $98.


Kohls, Levi’s Denim Pocket Tee, $35.


Express, Denim Lace-up Top, $59.50.


Forever 21, Chambray Split-Neck Shirt, $23. Holy smokes, I thought MY photoshopping was bad, lol.


A better direction to look might be a navy “weathered” or “heather” tee, which would give the same look.

The Beaded Wide Belt, Art Fire, $88.


I wanted to include this link to PFI Western Store which will take you to an entire page of the baddest, blingiest belts you’ve ever seen. They’re all over-the-top! And they’re all fantastic, with a very flexible price range.


Linen scarf from Megby Design in Australia, via Etsy, $45.


Another linen via Etsy, from Jo Edwards in London, $40.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

When I crossed the state line between Texas and New Mexico, suddenly there they were – the wild, rugged mesas I’d seen only in pictures, wearing their jagged stripes.

DSC_0427 (3)

Here we have a cow and a cowboy hat, lol. Yeah, the pic quality is questionable, eh – a brisk wind, camera perched on the front seat of the truck with the door open, #whaddyagonnado, #photogprobs ! But I’m an Oklahoma girl, and I was excited to see they have cows here, too! What a perfect accessory for my outfit! :^)

DSC_0426 (3)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes — Take 2

When I said there were no annoying people with cameras, I was referencing myself. :^) I don’t have any hilarious photos of me in a bikini with mud in my hair because cameras aren’t allowed in the spa area. Ya’ll just gonna have to use your imagination. Or better yet…superimpose my face on the brochure photos. (!)

oj1me (2)

oj2me (2)

Yeah, I don’t know who that guy was or where the snow came from, but damn, my arms look good.

oj3me (2)

Here I am just floating around in my white bikini and Farmtruck hat. #the405 #streetoutlawsfan

ojme4 (2)

Amazing how much weight I lost in those special mineral waters.

A Little Background Music

As I drove westward, there’s a stretch between Amarillo and Albuquerque where you can only get three stations on the radio, and they are Jesus, Tejano, and the Beatles. Good grief. But for a few minutes, I was able to pull in an “oldie” country station, and this song came on and it made me smile. I, too, was just a girl, her wheels, and a dream, living on the wrong side of Memphis – Memphis, Texas, that is.


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