Suzy: Sip and Shop — Part 2

By Suzy Gibson

When you are having a really good day, tiny bursts of happiness flood your noggin at random times, like driving down the road and Cyndi Lauper comes on, or getting a cup of coffee and the barista calls you by name. This is the exact feeling I get while heading west on the Expressway after my score at Good Will. Those five sacks in my trunk hold several keys to my happiness. The joy of sorting through my goods, separating them into piles (wash, dry clean, alter) makes me happier than a cougar with a new pair of Spanx!

My score on this trip was a black graphic tee and a pleather jacket. I usually care where the pieces come from, AHHhem! If I am shopping at Good Will, I at least want a designer tag. These pieces came from Charlotte Russe and  Kohls and I could give a rat’s behind, because I had plans… BIG plans!

I had Monday off for my yearly exams which can be daunting and somewhat uncomfortable. Therefore I took control of the situation. It was time to break out the killer outfit and test the public. The graphic tee is an A-line midriff design, and a lady of my maturity must NEVER EVER bare her midriff, unless it is at a swimming pool, preferable at a country club. But, I love the A-line fit because it is loose-fitting around the aforementioned midriff. Ladies, listen to me closely, buy camisoles in black, white and gray. Button gap? Shirt too short? Too low-cut for work? Wear a camisole. You get where I am going with this. You can buy any type of camisole at Target; there is a camisole table and a tank-top table, pick your poison.

I paired my graphic t-shirt with a pair of capri-length jeans, the pleather jacket and an insane pair of Sam Edelman studded pumps. Top it off with a long necklace and thin wire hoops and suddenly I had my sassy pants on!

First appointment is a mammogram. I don’t know what the big fuss is about; I find the whole procedure painless and a bit entertaining. I shimmied up to the boob machine (place your left hand on the bar, drop your shoulder, turn towards the left) and assumed the correct position. I watched as the plastic plates came down and my boob morphed into Diglett from Pokémon Go. Yes, I am the hunter of the Pokémon, it’s my thing, don’t judge. As I’m standing there, I get my first compliment of the day: “I love those shoes!”

Suzy: 1 point.

After my appointment, I was sashaying out to the valet and another compliment “Where did you get that jacket?”

Suzy: 2 points.

 After a few more appointments, the next stop was lunch with my son’s girlfriend. I have to pepper in some fun on the appointment day, and it is also a great excuse to have wine with my spinach salad! I felt fabulous, I had compliments on my score card, and my little experiment was working!

Next stop, get the roots done, and last stop, dinner with my girlfriend, Jennifer. I continued to get little compliments throughout the day about my shirt, jeans, and jacket. WINNING!

Questions from the Day: Does it really matter where you purchase your clothes as long as you feel good in them? Is it always the outfit, or is it the way you feel in an outfit that solicits compliments? Are compliments what makes or breaks you for the day?

Experiment Results: Embrace what makes you feel amazing, find your circus and own those monkeys, sisters, because no one else will!

3.12.17 Outfit

Here it is, my Good Will masterpiece! I like to lay my outfits out and take pictures so I can remember exactly how I put everything together. I have a secret board on Pinterest called In the Closet that only I can see. This comes in handy when I stare at my closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” By the way, if you want to follow our board on Pinterest, PLEASE do!

Search Foreverfiftyone on Pinterest.


At the end of the day, it’s how you feel about what you are wearing. I know this is from Good Will, but no one else does.  But if they ask, Hells yes I’m going to tell them! If you look closely at the shirt, you will see that it is a midriff, with a black camisole underneath; great camouflage and makes it wearable. Can you imagine the looks I would get if I didn’t have the camisole on? Oh LAWRD, my mother just turned over in her grave!

Shopping Links

The Michael Kors bag, $199.


The shoes, $62.


A similar top, $8. Couldn’t find the exact black t-shirt. The tee I bought is cropped, I just wear a long black tank underneath it. So you get the loose A-cut on the top, and then coverage with the tank.


Faux leather moto jacket, Kohls, $39.


Similar jeans, Express, $80.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


I figured ya’ll might need a visual of Diglett. Do you see the similarities? Yeah, I thought you would!

A Little Background Music


  1. It’s great to have a second hand store haunt and it’s also great that you make it a day with wine and mammogram! I find that I can’t do this kind of shopping with others! I have to get in the zone! I just love everything about this post! I also love shopping at TJMaxx for this same reason! Designer clothes at not designer prices! And I always feel so much better about my choices without the guilt of spending too much money! Cheers and thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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