Shelley: Let Me Dig Out a Few Photos of MY Mom

By Shelley Graham

Marcie/Editor: Behind the scenes, we’ve been gushing over and shrieking with laughter at old photos of Shelley’s mom!! And now it’s time for the Big Reveal — (drum roll, please)…


Marcie: That’s…amazing! The hat, the gloves, the hanky! Is she modeling at an event or just been named queen of something? She’s on a stage!

Shelley: This was in high school. She made this jumper dress in home economics, then they modeled their creations with a little fashion show.

Marcie: She looks precious, so feminine. And that hem is spot on.


Suzy: Omg! I’m dying! This one is awesome!

Shelley: She was asked by a photographer for the Enid, Oklahoma newspaper to pose for  some pics for a fashion spread that they were running. This vest, striped shirt and pants are actually her clothes. :^)


Suzy: Oh!! This one!!

Shelley: This was from a photo shoot she had at a park. My sister, Debbie, actually remembers going with her as a little girl when this one was taken.

Mara: These are just amazing.



Shelley: These are studio shots taken at different times.

Marcie: That has to be a hair piece, right? She has the neck of a swan! What a gorgeous woman.


Shelley: Mom as a child.

Marcie: Your mom truly embodied whatever time period she was living in — 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s…

Shelley: We never had much money growing up but somehow we always managed to have nice clothes. My sister and I both worked retail to support our habit. My mom obviously had a huge fashion influence on me.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

Joy the Nun.



Marcie: Uhm, she was a nun at one time, too!??? Shelley!! Ohmigosh, her LIFE! How did she go from nun to wife and mother?

Shelley: Well, she grew up going to Catholic schools. They were extremely poor. Her dad had left them, and my grandmother was raising 6 kids. When she graduated high school, all she knew was being around nuns. She joined the convent. It was obviously not for her. She lasted a couple of years. My aunt tells stories about her going to visit mom and my mom dying for my aunt to bring her makeup. It wasn’t long after she was out of the convent that she met my dad. This was the beginning of Roy and Joy and 4 kids in 5 years (Catholic). Haha.

Marcie: There’s a whole lot of different women inside your mom, Shelley, lol. Probably like most of us, snort.

A Little Background Music

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sooooooo, LOL. BEFORE Shelley laid the nun pics on us, I was telling Shelley her mom looked like Dusty Springfield! And we could have “Son of a Preacher Man” be the background music! Woohoo Dusty! Yeah, so groooovy! And Shelley’s only reaction at that time is “Yep, that would be a good one.” ;^) < tears streaming down my cheeks now > #showingnocards #beinggoodisntalwayseasy

 I have to do another one, too. I just keep hearing “The Sound of Music” and “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” Well, how DO you catch a cloud and pin it down? You don’t. :^)


  1. I’m so glad you all decided to do this blog. I am thoroughly enjoying it. And I might add, currently sneaking it in between work. Keep it up. My new guilty pleasure.

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  2. Shelley what a great story! I love that you girls are sharing your relationship with your mom and her relationship to clothes! I was in DECA and Fashion Merchandising in high school and when I first started out at UCO my major was Fashion Merchandising! I dreamed of being a buyer in Retail!My mom always sewed for me and I can remember going to the fabric store in second grade and her teaching me to design and pick out fabrics and patterns! I’m so fortunate that my mom taught me at an early age to trust in my own creativity! She did this by letting me make my own choices! Our moms are so important to becoming the women we are today! Fascinating that Shelley’s mom was also a nun! Just goes to show we can wear many hats and explore through out our whole life! Keep blogging…it’s so wonderful to follow and is bringing up many memories! Now I need to go find that picture in high school of our DECA Fashion Show!

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  3. When I showed my mom these pictures, it reminded her of the striped pants she made in high school and modeled in their home economics fashion show, lol. And when she dyed her hair blonde and wore it bouffant in the 60s. :^) She pointed out to me that the three little pins on the shoulder of Joy’s fashion show dress were probably her “awards” for sewing. * All the women in my family sewed together, too, Tammy! My grandmother, mother, aunt, female cousins — we all went as a big group to the fabric store and combed through the pattern catalogues and fabrics and trim to help nail down all the pieces of someone’s prom dress or wedding dress or honor society dress or coronation dress, haha. And everybody had a role — my mom was fast and accurate at sewing the basic garment, grandma was the best on buttonholes and hemming and handwork, my aunt the expert on taming fancy fabrics. Those are precious memories.


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