Marcie: New Mexico Part 1 – Got To Get Behind the Mule

By Marcie Everhart

Damn Internet fashion photos. I saw this one and flipped out.


I’ve been thinking about a red bandanna ever since Mara brought the cool-girl trend back from the SXSW festival. But she wrung and twisted hers into submission til it looked like a weathered lariat, and I think I want mine to stand up and actually cover the neck more. Anyhoo, hmm. I already own white jeans, a white tee, a plain white denim jacket, and I just got some hellacious, vintage, cream-colored cowboy boots, second-hand, at Bonedust in the Paseo District in Oklahoma City. I can do this!! And I’m HEADED TO NEW MEXICO for a quick get-away!

Time to get behind the mule and plow, right? ;^) This just became a working vacation, schlepping clothes everywhere I go! I could photograph 5 or 6 different outfits! Shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats — Good Lawrd!! Shoot me now. Wonder where I can get some mile-long legs like that model and that cool, sideways glance would be good, too. Ah well, we’ll work with what we have and who we are and love it all, right? First, we’re going to re-create an all-white clothing outfit with a nude-beige shoe and one pop of color – behold the RED COWBOY BANDANNA.

redbandana1 (2)

redbandana3 (2)

boots (2)

redbandana4 (2)

crop (2)

redbandana2 (2)

I absolutely hate this pose, haha! We need to remember to not do this SUPERGIRL pose, ladies. Ugh. KAPOW! (Unless you really are wearing a comic book character tee that says BAM!)

A Yard of Turkey Red


I missed a recent exhibit at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City I meant to cover for this blog, but I found a great story about it in the daily local newspaper. “A Yard of Turkey Red: The Western Bandanna” traced the history of the cowboy accessory and offered many examples of antique fabric and explanations of the origins of the paisley and polka dot patterns, colors red and blue, and the Persian dyeing and weaving processes. One side story brought tears to my eyes – about a young man with a red bandanna over his face carrying people down 17 flights of stairs in the South Tower of the World Trade Center September 11, 2001. He had gone back to rescue more…his name was Welles Crowther. The red bandanna helped his parents piece together his final acts of heroism.

I’m so sorry I missed this exhibit. A link to the story and photos:

“Dior in the Desert!”

The week after I returned from my New Mexico wandering, I saw that headline. Dior was shooting his serape-laden 2018 “Cruise” Collection in the desert near Santa Fe. I was just there myself, obsessing over how best to photograph my non-designer version of bandannas-and-boots. Can someone please tell Christian Dior to stop copying me!? Hahaha! Seriously, we’re all feeling the mood of the moment – off-the-shoulder peasant blouses, jaunty bandannas tied every which way, dramatic shawls and ponchos, colorful hand-crafted belts, lots of frayed denim with embroidering or beading – in a strange, wondrous mix of fancy and practical. It calls to the wild at heart, the cowboy-gypsy in all of us.




Shopping Links

White jeans: Jessica Simpson Kiss Me White Wash Super-Skinny Jeans at Macy’s, $40. I LOVE the Jessica Simpson brand, actually. There’s lots of flattering stretch for real curves. I have three pair of winter corduroy skinny pants by her company I adore, in teal, burgundy, and gold. I would not hesitate to buy more pants by her.


Celebrity Pink White Denim Skinny Jeans, $35.


The Celebrity Pink brand is also being sold at Macy’s. I’m including this link too because there are plus sizes as well in this search result of Celebrity Pink jeans at Macy’s online AND a Celebrity Pink white denim jacket for $30.


My jacket is Elle, purchased through Kohls I think, which is now being sold all over ebay and poshmark. I swear, I just purchased mine 6-8 weeks ago. It’s crazy to realize how “fast” fashion has become. Here’s a Levi’s version at JC Penney, for $50.


And H&M for $35, under the “All Things White” tab, which has been identified as a current trend.


Country Outfitter, Corral Boots, $214.


Country Outfitter, Durango Wild White Cowgirl Boots, $113


Ohmigosh, these. With a leather floral overlay. Cavender’s, Corral Boot Company, Taupe. $260.


Mine were purchased at Bonedust, Paseo District, OKC, $60, which offers a carefully curated collection of vintage cowgirl clothing and hand-crafted jewelry made from bone, antler, mah jongg tiles, turquoise, buffalo skull, etc. Their motto is: “Not Bling. It’s the Real Thing,” and it’s the ultimate OUTLAW jewelry. I received many compliments from fellow female persons on these luscious boots as I strutted all over New Mexico.

Their Instagram: @bonedustoklahoma

Their Facebook: Bonedust, Oklahoma

Their Website:

I’m always looking for a red lipstick that stays red on me. The latest is this, touted as the best organic lipstick on the market. Zuzu is the brand, Galaxy the shade.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes

sweat (2)

Does anyone out there know how to photoshop sweat? No more sweating in photos, if you can help it, fellow Forever51 girls. I can’t photoshop that out!! I bet Dior models don’t sweat!

A Little Background Music

I realize Tom Waits is an acquired taste. But it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes he’s…juuust right. But, really this song is amazing and perfect, and for everybody — men, women, who just get on with it and take care of business. They face the lousy consequences and do the dumb things they don’t want to do. “Molly be damned smote Jimmy the Harp, with a horrid little pistol and a lariat…” … I bet she was sweating when she did it.

*My photos were shot at Ojo Caliente, a mineral springs resort and spa an hour north of Santa Fe, which I will tell you all about in the next story in this New Mexico vacation series!


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