Suzy and Shelley: Leather and Lace

By Suzy Gibson

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This is Shelley and me. When I look at the photo of the two of us, I see some obvious differences. She’s a blonde, I a redhead; she likes classy tailored clothes while I lean towards rocker chick; I’m tall, she’s not AS tall; I’m in dark colors, she’s in light. You get the general idea. Based on the title of this blog, you can draw the conclusion that we are focusing on our differences, but it didn’t quite happen that way as I kept coming up with similarities. Yes, we may be totally different in our styles, but as women, we have a lot in common.


Tell the readers about your outfit Shelley: “Of course! The top is Zara, and the shoes are John Fluevog. The belt is hand-embroidered, and was featured in the ‘Hello Spring’ post.” The necklace has all of the same colors as the belt and shoes, which ties the whole outfit together.

Tell the readers about your outfit Suzy: “Sure! I went to my favorite store that I lovingly refer to as Slut-R-Us and found those awesome pleather pants. Don’t ask me who the brand is because I rip all of the tags out of my clothes (sensory issues). The top was from a website that I do not remember because I was online shopping and I believe wine was involved; it just showed up on the doorstep one day, YAY ME!”


Shelley and I met in college at the University of Central Oklahoma and were both members of Sigma Kappa Sorority. When I pledged, she was already a member. I thought “Wow, I got into the pretty girl house!” Shelley had impeccable style and was always so nice, and had a wicked sense of humor (and still does). Shelley was in her third year of college, and I was just starting, but we were both pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising. Well, that is until I found out it involved way too much math. In the photos, you can definitely see how different we were in our style:


Suzy (front row, middle): Peach floral jeans with a peach tank top and oversized sweater. In the 80s, oversized was all the rage and I used to raid my dad’s closet and steal his button down shirts and sweaters. He never figured it out and just thought he misplaced his clothes. Until now… when he reads this post… Sorry, pops!


Shelley (second from right): Pink taffeta tea-length formal with a matching hair accessory. In the 80s, we would wear these giant floppy bows (think Madonna) in our hair, and we ALWAYS had our formals made. Since you can only wear a formal once, we traded with each other each year so we could have a different dress. No one was the wiser.


Shelley and I met our spouses while in college and have both been married for over twenty years. Blake belongs to me and Brad belongs to Shelley.



Shelley, Brad; Suzy, Blake, see the similarity?

I will let the readers draw their own conclusions where the similarities end in regards to the boys!

These are our families.



Shelley and I were both blessed with sons, and as you can see the children that we produced are quite handsome. I think that because we are boy moms, we share something special; another level of patience. Ya’ll know what I am talking about – boy rooms, boy sleep-overs, boy food, boy hygiene habits and I will stop right there, because it could get ugly.


This is us.



All of our style thrown in together: prints, florals, off the shoulder, shorts, pants, and maxi dresses. We are strong middle-aged women who are executive directors, teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, fur-moms, providers and so much more. Shelley and I are lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women, all who have similarities and differences. We started out as young girls in college, fate crossed our paths, and I am so very glad that it did.

A Few Shopping Links

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A Little Background Music

I included two videos that I love. “I am Woman” because I think the Sex and the City Ladies all have different styles, but are still best friends, like Forever51! I included another strong woman video because who doesn’t love Bette, Goldie and Diane?


  1. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this article as much as I did! It brought back so many memories for me. I am excited to see what each new article brings. Well done ladies.
    💜 Lori

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  2. Okay, this one gave me little chills. WE are not different; we are all in this together. I would like to think this is what we as women are all about, not all the fighting and backstabbing you see on the “Real Housewives of….” You rock, Gibson!!!

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  3. I had so much fun writing this one! I had writers block at first, because I was trying to contrast us, and kept coming up with similarities! Once I let that flow through it all came together. Thank you both for your kind words! I am so happy to make someone smile 🙂


  4. Wonderful women full of our own goodnesses. As long as our cups are full, the good stuff overflows to others. Girl friends and gorgeous clothes help keep us full. Thanks for the fun read!

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