Shelley: Happiness Is…

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart


Happiness is a cute and clever t-shirt in a soft, weathered burnout cotton. Happiness is a bright, floral, pointy-toed sneaker! Happiness is a flattering, on-trend, black pant that makes you look super skinny.


Round-yellow balls hang from trees, round-yellow happy faces float in a wine glass on a tee, and round-yellow lemons sit right on the tip of the pointy toes of the shoes. Shelley uses repetition in shapes and colors to emphasize details.


The black beading in this dream-catcher necklace duplicates the round, black eyes of all those happy-face bubbles in the wine-glass design on the tee.



The pointed toe on the sneaker creates a longer, more elegant leg line visually.

Shopping Links

The pointed-toe, floral, slip-on sneaker is Ted Baker London, and still available through Amazon.

sneaker (2)

The design featuring pink roses and yellow lemons printed on “luxe satin” is out of stock on Nordstrom’s website right now, but there is another vivid floral design of white camellias against a rich red background called Blushing Bouquet.


The tee is an original piece of artwork by Lauren Moshi, who hand-draws every mark and line on every piece in her clothing collection. The happy-face-wine-glass design is no longer available through her website, but there are others that lend themselves easily to pairings with jewelry that duplicate popular themes right now.

This tee featuring lips created with an arrangement of tribal, geometric shapes in soft pastels would look great with any jewelry using geometric shapes in its design such as bars, zig-zags, triangles, really anything geometric and simple.


This Lauren Moshi cat wearing heart-shaped glasses over her heart-shaped nose wants to be paired with any necklace featuring heart shapes.


Shelley’s black, frayed jeggings are Hue, but any skinny, black, distressed jean will do the trick.

The Real-Real Behind The Scenes

DSC_0529 (2)

Happiness has always been a warm puppy, and Shelley’s rescue dogs ended up in our pictures, too! Why didn’t we think to bring a lint roller? Ha!

A Little Background Music

You know what else makes me happy? This song! And Pharrell’s fashion! That too.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We were approached with an excellent idea — styling challenges to bring awareness to different causes and efforts. This is our first post meeting the challenge of styling an outfit with yellow and black that does not end up looking like a bumblebeeeee, to help create awareness of the honeybee issue. Suzy’s “yellow-and-black outfit” story to run later will give us more detail about the cause itself.


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