Suzy: Sip and Shop – Part 1

By Suzy Gibson

Rituals… everyone has them, and finds comfort in the familiarity. It’s like being in a relationship, and I would be heartbroken if my ritual broke-up with me. He lives on random Friday nights, usually after payday when all that is waiting at home is a sink full of dishes and bad cable.

Promptly at 4:30, I exit the work place and head over to Nails by Helen for a much need mani/pedi. Along the way I stop at the liquor store (Visualize Norm from Cheers when I walk in the door, “SUZY!”) I pick up my little 4-pack of Pinot Grigio, then head over to the convenience store next door and pay 28 cents for a cup of ice. So far my night is under $10 bucks; my ritual is a cheap date! Pour one 6-ounce bottle over ice (6 ounces = 5 Weight Watcher Points, worth every drop) and I’m ready for the mani/pedi, and decide to get little flowers on my toes, only $5.00 more!

My ritual and I are ready for the next leg of our trip, partaking in some retail therapy. Oh the joys of pulling into the parking lot with the glowing blue Good Will sign. I can already smell the mixture of dust, fried food and cigarette smoke. I take a quick survey of the parking lot to see how much competition I have, strategically balance my cup in my purse, and map out my attack. It’s time….. SIP AND SHOP!

Dresses: I either strike the jackpot with an amazing cocktail dress, or get offended by the hideous mother-of-the-bride dresses. My ultimate jackpot came in the form of a Chanel-inspired black-and-white, floor-length dress. All I had to do is get it altered, and a seven-dollar dress turned into a million bucks!




Every year I get to be Jennifer’s plus-one (she calls me her wing-man) at the Western Heritage Museum Awards Event. I’m not a cowgirl, so I don’t even try. This little number scored several compliments, and a few cocktails to boot!


Ladies, let talk about the earrings for a minute. I LOVED (past tense) these earrings, but sadly they finally met their doom. That is not what I wanted to say about this picture, but rather discuss the length. If you wear shoulder-sweep earrings, keep everything else at a minimum. Same thing goes for a statement necklace, wear small studs or no earrings. You have to balance your accessories just like you balance your clothes. Short skirt calls for a top with coverage; a low cut top, cover up the bottom half. Every time you get dressed, look at yourself in a full-length mirror and ask yourself, do I have balance? You don’t want to look like a cougar heading out to the club for a hook-up, I know I have taught you better than that!

Jackets: I always find something in this area, and am always amazed at how many I find from Harold’s, which brings back a piece of me from the 80s, when I was rockin’ the popped collars, preppy plaid and my hair that made me at least two inches taller. “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran usually pops into my head as I pick my way through the boiled wool, polyester, OH LOOK! Is that a pleather jacket???

Tops: I think this is where Sluts-R-Us goes to die. My reactions usually go like this: “Never” “How does that even go on?” “No, no, and NO!” And then I go back to “Never” and see some potential. If I couple it with that pleather jacket…. Hmmmm… the hamster is spinning wildly out of control on the wheel in my brain. RUN LIKE THE WIND AND GET THAT PLEATHER JACKET!!!!

Workout gear: I am a lover of Lululemon, but not of the price tag. Why would I pay over $100 for a pair of yoga pants that I am just going to sweat in? OK, confession, I might have been involved in one purchase off the rack… but it was NOT my fault, I plead the Fifth. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the amount of Lululemon finds at Good Will, for $2.50 a pop. You heard me, and if you have the 10 percent discount card… well, you do the math, because I suck at it. I decided that people who give Lululemon to Good Will had good intentions of starting a workout regime and thought cute outfits would inspire them, but no inspiration ever came.


Look closely at the shoes, see that black elastic? That my friends is a ponytail holder. Those of you who still have hair long enough to pull it into a ponytail know exactly what I am talking about. You have to have an ample supply because they are just like socks, they disappear. How can you do the down dog while your hair is running amok? Loop a couple of ponytail holders in your laces and you will always have one. You are welcome for the best tip of the year.

Approaching the check-out lady, I play a little game of “How many bags for how much?” I usually peg it at about 5 bags for $40 to $50 bucks. Seriously, what greater therapy can there be than a little wine, shopping and doing something good for the environment? Yes, when you resale, refurbish, redo you are recycling. Cheers to Sip and Shop, ya’ll!



Shopping Links

These leggings, featuring different dog breeds on them! The artwork recreated on them is by Dean Russo. $60


A similar Lululemon top is $50 at Poshmark.


A similar black-and-white halter dress is $55 at Macy’s right now.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Literally, behind the scenes.

A Little Background Music

EDITOR: Well, of course.


  1. My fave blog post so far! Who would have thought that cutie patootie Suzy shops at the secondhand? But she makes it even more fun with her way. Always looking like a model, and loving your way of putting it out there… you look marvelous dawling!🍷👗👠💅❤


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