Shelley: Hello, Spring!

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart

Backyard (2)

Shelley greets the day in an outfit that celebrates the spring season – crisp, nautical black-and-white stripes, a Peruvian, hand-embroidered, floral belt bursting with color, vivid fuchsia skinny jeans, sweet pink slides, bell sleeves and floppy bows.



The key to mixing patterns, such as stripe and floral, is using a color that unifies both. In this case, the black stripe finds the black background of the floral belt, and together they serve as a frame to make the bright colors pop even more.


The floppy suede bows on these sandals make me think of sweet bunny ears.

Shopping Links

The striped, bell-sleeve tee is Vici Collection. And the top, which came in both a black stripe and red stripe, is long gone. A beautiful alternative from European Republic for $58:


A bell-sleeve striped Vici tee still pops up on Pinterest, but I just don’t see how to purchase the Vici.


The pink skinny jeans are AG, also sold out. Some really good options are:

Ralph Lauren for $62.65.


7 For All Mankind has a Fruit Punch color option for $119, which makes me think Kool-Aid Man is getting ready to bust through Shelley’s backyard fence any minute. Oh, yeah!


The pink suede bow slides are Sam Edelman, a brand sold at many better department stores. The color is Sugar Pink. Through both Dillards and Zappos, they run $90.


Etsy has so many gorgeous, hand-embroidered wool floral belts. This one from Meier Belts, made with organic wool and a lead-free buckle, ships from Peru for only $30.


This Peruvian one from Novica, an associate of National Geographic magazine, is called Black Night Bouquet and sells for $58.49. Want!


Oh, the pink and green beaded cactus necklace, lol! Cactus is trending HUGE right now, and I’ve spent hours trying to find options for us, and even those are selling like hot cakes. Shelley got us on the cutting edge!

An Etsy shop called The Ranch Boutique, with very positive reviews, has a long, handmade, colorful option for $38.


A gorgeous acrylic glass version at Mona Ray runs $180.


The Okie Trading Post offers a crystal beaded version from Southern Junkie for $19.


The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


“Honey, we’re shooting in here…” Honey unpacked moving boxes in his and Shelley’s new home, working around us girls as we shot fashion photos, because he’s an awesome honey! We are so grateful for all the support of our loved ones.

A Little Background Music

EDITOR: I Googled that “sunshine in my pocket” song like everyone else on the planet and came up with this sunny tune for you! I know – you really needed to hear it in one more place!  Actually, I’m glad this video came into my life. We are totally doing a photo shoot in a grocery store. And a laundromat. Consider it DONE, ladies. I LOVE the real people used in this video as dancers, especially the businessman in the spring-y green shirt and pink plaid tie!


  1. I am so happy right now! That video made reading about Shelley’s style put a SUNSHINY smile on my face! Well done sisters! And I will be owning a Peruvian belt within the month 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shelley, you look beautiful! My favorite piece is the belt but the whole ensemble is amazing. I can’t wait to see more from you. Oh, and tell “Honey” he made the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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