Suzy: I Hired a Stylist – Part 3

By Suzy Gibson

EDITOR: I love checking back in with Suzy and seeing what she’s up to. Today she shows us two more of her colorful outfits that were professionally styled by Patty Rankin. Suzy calls Patty the Magical Pixie Stylist because Patty creates magic with the clothes already in Suzy’s closet.


shorts (2)

Who does not love to say Target in a French accent??? “Where are you going?” “Oh, I think I will pop into Targhee’ for a little retail therapy.” Doesn’t that sound fabulous? That is just where I found this little number. My favorite Target is the Super Center on 50th and N. May Avenue in Oklahoma City. I’m not sure why but the selection there is greater than any other Target that I have shopped at. The coolest thing about this outfit is the top. There are so many colors you can pull out of it. Patty paired it with some turquoise and gold earrings, but you could go cobalt blue, pink, or green, or just go simple with a pair of hoops. The shorts are AWESOME! Note the elastic waistband… forgiveness ladies!

shorts2 (2)


shorts3 (2)

shorts5 (2)

shorts6 (2)

But Oh…Those Sticky Nights

OrangeTop2 (2)

I have absolutely no recollection of where I found this skirt, but I find it very French, because it says something in French… I digress. I love the combination of stark black and white with the soft tangerine; I would have never thought to put these together. It’s outfits like this that give me the light-bulb moment, and I had quite the moment with this one. I wore this to the Galaxy at the Greens, the biggest party of the year, and one must plan each outfit down to the undergarments. What does a girl wear under that top, you ask? A stick-on bra from Target for $15 bucks, that’s what you wear! That night, as I poured a glass of wine, I opened the package and read the directions to make sure the stick-on bra stuck. I prepped my boobs: Step 1 – wash with soap and water (sip wine). Step 2 – air dry (sip wine). Step 3 – swab boobs with rubbing alcohol (sip wine). Step 4 – lean over so your boobs hang down like a couple of bananas, and “scoop” them up in the stick-on bra. VOILA! I have successfully set my boobs free from an underwire strapless bra (sip more wine). I breezed out onto the deck at the Greens feeling so free on this hot, humid night to enjoy my second (or was it third) glass of wine. As I poised myself at the table, chatting with friends and trying not to melt, I swear I felt something unstick, but who cares… I had wine! There goes that feeling again, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but my sticky-bra sitting in my lap, my greatest fear. Your take-away for the day is:  Sticky bras are great… INDOORS in a climate-controlled environment.

French1 (2)

French4 (2)

French3 (2)

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Suzy’s father-in-law lives with her so all of the family can pitch in to help care for him, and Suzy gets to hang out with Grandpa on this particular weekend. But we need to take pictures for this story! No matter, we’ll just shoot at the house and include him! Smile, Charles!

A Little Background Music

Behold the perfect song for this post. Every once in a while, we need to get some science and/or math going on up in here, cuz we want to be taken seriously, right? And this totally does that for us. This is Universal Truth for folks of ALL AGES, a Scientific Realitee’.


  1. Marcie, I can not see right now I am laughing so hard at the music you chose for my blog! It is absolutely perfect and OH-SO-TRUE! Gravity is a BITCH ya’ll!

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