Marcie: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

By Marcie Everhart

EDITOR: I wrote the following story a few months ago for friends before we started up this here fashion blog. It was just me and my camera and my silly imagination, playing in clothes in a messy bedroom, like I’ve done my whole life. I added new, better photos and shopping links at the end for all my new fashion friends.

We survived winter! Rainy-tornado season is coming! (I write to you from Moore, Oklahoma.)  I’m thinking about all the awesome spring jackets I own and never wear. I’m full of resolve to break ‘em out and enjoy them. Right now. Top of my list is that iconic London Fog Trench Coat.

Don’t buy anything new. Don’t buy anything from China. Buy the thing nobody loves any more. Buy the thing with a story. :^)


That light bulb…is she being… interrogated?

Fun facts: London Fog isn’t even British, founded in Baltimore, became famous for making water-repellent clothing for the U.S. Navy during WWII. London Fog is only the most perfect marketing name for a company in history…10,000 words couldn’t do more. I picked up mine in a second-hand store in San Francisco while on a business trip around 2000. I usually remove the zipped wool inner liner to reduce bulk, unless I need it. The most classic of the classics. Swagger this. I like big buttons, and I cannot lie. I have three strategies to get this raincoat into my life.

We Need a Flare Leg to Further the 70s Vibe

BlackPantsComp (2)

I’m in a time warp. But it’s a good time warp.

This is the flarest leg I own, lol. Big! Flowers! Bring on the cold rain! And then cover most of the crazy pants with the trench, and you get a lovely puddle of flowers at your feet. :^)

TrackPantsComp (2)

These glorious track pants! My favorite thing right now.

My most recent purchase with Christmas money – these bitchin’ silky track pants! I was jolted right back to a track suit worn in high school, and haven’t owned anything like it since. Love! Can these be passed off as a weird twist on tuxedo pants with a suit jacket? Another day… btw, I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t love.

BluePantsComp (2)

I own flared navy cords, but I like wearing them with this fedora. This hat gives me super powers! Haha. Okay, let’s get back to the trench.

Be Joan

BlackDressComp (2)

Sexy librarian? lol

I have a theory that chicks from the 50s/60s know how to do sexy dressing right! Then I put together a pretty un-sexy look, unless you like knobby knees. But I wanted to see if one could throw a sleeveless shift dress over a shirt with tall boots and it work. Yes. Dig out the summer shift dresses and pair them with big boots!

Be Sam Spade, PI. Or a Spy (For When You Need to Steal State Secrets from Russia and It’s 1973). Or Solve a Mystery. Or Bust the Bad Guy. Or Just Kick Random Ass.


All hail the king.

RedTieComp (2)

I’m here to bust the bad guy, haha


I wish you could see the pinstripe in the slacks and the thin stripes in the wire suspension bridge on the tie.*

I’ve loved the girl-dressing-like-a-guy thing since high school. (I’ve worn a men’s tie for many major occasions of my life, a senior pic in high school with cap/gown?) This is my favorite men’s tie right now, with a suspension bridge design on it. I like the old ones that look like paintings. I never buy them, I raid the closets of my male friends and make ‘em cough ‘em up. To make the look work, you gotta wear really girly stuff with it, like spiky, black-glitter heels.

What is with all the weird facial expressions? Wearing a trench coat makes me feel all gangstah. Haha.

Just One More Thing

*Wait – you can see the thin stripes in the slacks and tie. I can re-shoot better pictures now that I’m a “fashion blogger,” right?! In the legendary words of Det. Frank Columbo right before he blew the case wide open – ahhh, just one more thing…







A gum-shoe shoe? Sure!

Tracking Down Clues

At the time I wrote this, who knew trench coats would become such a Big Thing this spring? I investigated and found that they’re shorter or have flowers on them or are bright yellow or red. All very nice, BUT you can still get the Real Deal, too! And people are raving about London Fog quality in its online reviews.


Anthropologie, $99.

cluegap (2)

Gap, $89.


Express, $128.

cluejcrew (2)

J Crew, $298.

cluebr (2)

Banana Republic, $198.

clueloft (2)

Loft, $140.

cluef21 (2)

Forever 21, $50.

cluelf (2)

London Fog, $120.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Trench1 (3)

Suzy wanted me to update and revise this story, too, and had great suggestions to trend-me-up, like messy buns, hoop earrings, and stacked bracelets. It all sounded itchy…but she was so spot-on about the palazzo pants – ix-nay the turtleneck, show some skin somewhere! Open-toed shoes, scoop-neck black top, a long, skinny, simple necklace! Much better…however, the open-toed shoes I had on hand are not tall enough for this pant. So here is Harriet the Spy, taking pictures of herself, unable to see what she’s even taking pictures of. Cropping is key!


Trench1 (2)

A Little Background Music

It’s a RAID!! Run! Lol. Soooo, I’m not quite sure what is going on with the RED codpiece on CAMEO. There’s a “fashion” statement, right? Forgiven however, because of all this LYRICAL brilliance: “We don’t have the time for psychological romance, no romance, no romance, no romance for me!” And you know how there are “age differentiators,” meaning I look at Levar Burton in this video and think, oh look, it’s Kunta Kinte! A young person thinks, oh look, it’s the guy from Reading Rainbow! In-betweeners might think, oh look, it’s Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge sans visor! Does this video separate us or really bring us together?? Ohhhh! Wave your haaaands in the air! Like you don’t caaaare! Give us music, we can use it, if we could dance! Word UP! It’s the CODE word!

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