Shelley: Peaches and Cream

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart

DarkFloral6 (3)

Peach-hued roses in full bloom against a dark teal background, cream-colored pearls, a tan jean in faux suede and matching floral shoe the color of aged newsprint. It all feels so timelessly feminine, yet updated with edgy details such as the cut of the skinny jean, the open crisscross ties across the bodice of the poet’s blouse, and a more unfinished crystal geode dangling from the pearls.

DarkFloral1 (3)

DarkFloral2 (2)

ABOVE: The texture on this skinny jean is a photo-quality digital print of a fishnet pattern, which gives the faux suede pant extra dimension. The color option is called Irish Cream.

DarkFloralA (2)

DarkFloral3 (2)

ABOVE: John Fluevog has created a stylish flat shoe with plenty of quirk and personality in this suede number.

DarkFloralz6 (3)

ABOVE: The necklace offers a visually interesting contrast of smooth, polished, pearlescent bead with a rough, primitive, clear-white geode.

DarkFloral5 (2)

DarkFloral4 (2)

ABOVE: More clever texture can be added with a studded boho handbag in the same color palette.

The floral, bell-sleeve, lace-up poet’s blouse is called Poet Tie on the Show Me Your MuMu website, and is currently on sale.

poetfall3poetfall4 (2)

The Level 99 jean is the Liza Skinny in Irish Cream Faux Suede with Fishnet Print currently on sale for only $69.50 through the website.

pant (2)pant2 (2)

The tan and black, floral, pointed, slip-on shoe is still available through the Fluevog website.

shoe4shoe3 (2)

Exact jewelry can be pretty hard to track down online, but these could serve as options. First, is a pearl and geode creation by Love and Lulu.


Secondly, Hey Scout Designs does a lot of bead-geode combinations such as this one using white, blush, and turquoise tints.


The Real-Real Behind The Scenes

RealReal (2)

Waiting for people and cars to get out of the shot, lol.

A Little Background Music

Modern-day poets, endeared moments in time, a beautiful girl standing there… I’ve got it! The first song on the first Beatles album. You know, things didn’t work out too bad for those guys. One, two, three…four!


  1. My beautiful best friend has always had the best style! She’s a rock star in my book for sure! And best of all she’s pretty on the inside as well. Love the look and blog! Keep up the good work ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shelley you have had that flair for style since I first met you while you were in college. Proud of all you’ve done.


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