Suzy: I Hired a Stylist – Part 2

By Suzy Gibson

EDITOR: We rejoin Suzy to see two more of her outfits professionally styled by Patty Rankin, the Magical Pixie Stylist!

Little Black Dress

MaroonScarf2 (2)

Listen very closely: EVERY woman should own a little black dress. It doesn’t have to be short or tight, just a dress that you can put anything with and throw on, wear it with heels or flats, and it always looks polished. This is my favorite little black dress and I was so glad to see that Patty picked it. She added the scarf and taught me how to tie it where it flows better, and isn’t bunched up under your neck and you look like a turtle. Just shake the scarf out so it is a square (or rectangle) and tie the opposite ends together so the left to the right. It forms a triangle with two points and then fluff it out! WHEW, I feel like I just gave an algebra lesson, and I DO NOT do math, unless its 50% off a fabulous pair of shoes. I wore this ensemble last year to the Symphony Decorator Show Home, the BEST DAY EVER! I was with my tribe, my niece Audrey and my two best boyfriends, Erick and Jeffery. We started at Blue Sage Studio, hit Fat Dog, went to the Symphony Decorator Show Home, ate lunch at Broadway 10, went to the Wheeler District, and ended up at Flint. Can you say “Eat and drink your way through the day?” Which is exactly what I did, I could do whatever I wanted in this dress, it has room for forgiveness, and the scarf adds a touch of camouflage. By the way, isn’t my niece ADORABLE???


MaroonScarf6 (2)

MaroonScarf1 (2)

MaroonScarf2 (2)

In the Eye of the Lens

MintTop (2)

wedding (2)

So I gotta be honest… I’m not sure about this outfit. The top is actually a dress I wore to a wedding and the jeans are those really skinny jeans, so I like that the dress would cover the wrestling armadillos, but that’s about it. Regardless, this outfit taught me two things: #1: If you are taking pictures, wear something that photographs well. The mint green with the vibrant red flowers on the kimono look great in pictures, and a woman of my maturity needs all the help I can get. I have to live up to the “You haven’t changed since high school” comments…. SO MUCH PRESSURE! And #2: Roll up your jeans to show a little skin between the shoe and the bottom of the pant. This will elongate the leg whether you are wearing sandals or heels. So just for ya’ll, I tried this on for the first time… let’s see if it photographs well…

Mint1 (2)


Mint4 (2)



The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


Who is that cute little booger stealing the scene on the couch!? Here’s a pic of Scooter, the rescue dog, in the shopping cart going home with his new mommy to start his new life.

A Little Background Music

EDITOR: This is a story of a famous dog. :^) Suzy came up with this hilarious funk classic that used to fill the dance floor in the 80s! Ohmigoodness, men dressed as dogs chasing women dressed as cats, and those early video game graphics! Why does this feel so innocent in 2017? Lol. We’re having a dance party here today! Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay!

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