Shelley: Curlicue Blue

By Shelley Graham

with commentary from Editor Marcie Everhart

BluePant (3)

A heavenly blue print in a wide-legged pant is grounded by a strong earthy brown, faux suede, fringed jacket and matching belt, metal accents, and a deep-blue gazing crystal of a necklace you want to get lost inside. The belt buckle is the metal anchor for all this graceful swing and flow.





Both the whimsical, blue curlicue pant and fringed jacket can be purchased online at the Show Me Your MuMu website here.




Both the white blouse and wide suede belt are Zara, but the blouse is no longer available online. An interesting option is this one for $69, which has a built-in round metal ring centered on the body which could serve visually as the same anchor for a flowy palazzo pant, but worn untucked.


Here’s another pretty option for $39, with covered buttons for less distraction.


The special edition 100 percent leather suede belt can be purchased online here for only $39.


The lace-up suede wedges are Eileen Fisher and no longer available online through the brand website, but you might be able to find them in out-of-the-way places like this.


Zappos made a youtube video promoting the shoe here: which by clicking can lead you to where similar options are offered.

Palazzo pants can be found in any store at any price point now, and the look can be recreated with any print and any short jacket, accessorized with your funky necklaces you already own and love. But an airy blue/ earthy brown combo is especially arresting.

The Real-Real Behind the Scenes


We love our friends and appreciate all the support we get from them! Yessss! Photographer’s assistants are the besssst!

A Little Background Music

EDITOR: I love this song with this post because it’s so dreamy, a lush orchestral swell, and my imagination does take flight when I see how Shelley puts clothes together. She’s a skillful artist working with color, print, line, drape, and texture, who creates fashion-art real women can actually duplicate. It’s interesting how Shelley is able to take exciting, fun pieces marketed to a younger demographic and claim them for the more self-assured, discreet, mature woman. This song is like this outfit – groovy yet grown-up, smooth and chill.

(Photos were shot at the charming Kimzey’s Coffee, a new fairy-tale cottage of a coffee shop located in Argyle, TX.)


  1. Great article ladies. Shelley you are a beautiful model. I love the outfits you put together and the location was perfect. No comment on the photographers assistant. 😉💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My niece is gorgeous and has always had a great sense of style. Wish I was her size and I would raid her closet. Forever 51, great name – how about Forever 81 + 2. Love the blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Since I hit my 50’s 3 years ago I’ve been questioning what style & fashion is appropriate for my age. I constantly ask my daughters does this make me look like an old lady or does this make me look like an old lady trying to look young? Fashion has never been a problem for me. Even still I’ve found (for the past three years) myself being self-conscious about the fashion choices I’m making. Almost to the point that shopping becomes more irritating than fun. So thanks forever 51 for the new outlet! Hopefully it can help me relax and put the fun back into shopping!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much for this comment, Abbi! Yes! We’re confused, too! Sometimes we get it right, other times, maybe not, lol. But we should all be laughing a whole lot more! We’re all so different with different visions and ideas, but we should be laughing, loving, and supporting each other on this crazy journey! Thank you for being here with us. — Marcie


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